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  1. Caernarfon Castle - Caernarfon, Wales

    Caernarfon Castle - Caernarfon, Wales
    It's not uncommon for Wet & Forget to receive a specialist enquiry from a commercial entity in protecting their walkways and floors. Especially with locations that are open to the elements, there is a clear requirement for a reliable and environmentally friendly cleaner that can be used to remove the danger of slippery surfaces. The Company Caernarfon Castle...
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  2. River Taff Walkway - Millennium Stadium, Cardiff

    River Taff Walkway - Millennium Stadium, Cardiff
    We often get specialist enquiries at Wet & Forget, that will assist a commercial business in keeping a specific property clean, or even solve an ongoing issue. In one such case, we were contacted by contracted outdoor cleaners who worked on the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. The walkway running next to the stadium was particularly well used by...
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  3. Raffles Hotel - Seychelles

    Raffles Hotel - Seychelles
    A huge range of companies from all over the world have utilised the exceptional cleaning power of Wet & Forget, keeping surfaces clean and safe to walk on for employees and customers alike. But it came as a pleasant surprise when we were contacted by a hotel chain in the Seychelles, enquiring if they could use our cleaning...
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  4. Blog

    Tips for cleaning caravans, campers, and motor homes Get your caravan holiday ready with Wet & Forget. Wet & Forget has the perfect solution for revitalising your mobile homes. Our Rapid Application is a non-bleach treatment that is easy to use and acts fast. With the attached nozzle, all it takes is to simply attach to a hose...
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  5. Tarmac Cleaning

    As a common material used for driveways, you’ll know there’s nothing worse than when your tarmac is plagued with moss and algae. Not only can this make your house look unkept from the outside, but in wet weather the algae can make the area slippery, presenting a safety hazard. It can seem like there’s no easy way to...
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  6. Artificial grass cleaner that removes moss & algae | Wet & Forget

    Artificial turf is a great residential alternative to traditional lawns, requiring less care and as such less time to keep it looking pristine. However, this doesn’t mean there is no maintenance required for your artificial lawn. Artificial grass can be susceptible to moss, algae and weed growth - affecting the overall lifespan of your artificial lawn. So, how...
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  7. Conservatory & greenhouse glass window cleaner that removes mould and algae | Wet & Forget

    Moss and algae on conservatory or greenhouse roofs are a common problem, but not only are they unsightly additions to your homes, did you know they can also damage the structural integrity of your roofs? By building up around the tiles, they can actually both force them out of place and bore into them, requiring both expensive repairs...
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  8. Concrete cleaner that removes moss & algae | Wet & Forget

    Is moss and algae plaguing your concrete areas and preventing your home from looking its best? By constantly building up on damp and shady surfaces, moss and algae can prove to be common household pests. However, moss and algae can prove to be more than just unsightly, posing a health and safety risk due to creating a slippery...
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  9. Cleaning outdoor stone or brick walls from mould & algae | Wet & Forget

    The exterior walls of your home get put through a lot, and chances are they aren’t looking their best because of it. Mould, lichen and moss are common pests for the outside of your home, and sometimes their effects aren’t just concerning aesthetics. Moss and mould growth can present serious problems for the integrity of your home and...
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  10. Decking cleaner that removes moss & algae | Wet & Forget

    As anyone with a deck will know, the beautiful wooden finish can quite easily be marred by moss, algae and lichen, quickly turning an eye-catching home addition to an eyesore. If you find yourself stuck in endless cycles of scrubbing and dismay over your decking, then it sounds like you may need the Wet & Forget decking cleaner...
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