Case Studies

  1. Mirabella V – Superyacht

    Mirabella V – Superyacht
    The cleaning power of Wet & Forget is known all over the world, so much so we tend to get enquiries from a huge array of industries and professions. One of the most interesting enquiries came from the owners of a superyacht, originally named the Mirabella V, but now known simply as M5 after being purchased by a...
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  2. Caernarfon Castle - Caernarfon, Wales

    Caernarfon Castle - Caernarfon, Wales
    It's not uncommon for Wet & Forget to receive a specialist enquiry from a commercial entity in protecting their walkways and floors. Especially with locations that are open to the elements, there is a clear requirement for a reliable and environmentally friendly cleaner that can be used to remove the danger of slippery surfaces. The Company Caernarfon Castle...
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  3. River Taff Walkway - Millennium Stadium, Cardiff

    River Taff Walkway - Millennium Stadium, Cardiff
    We often get specialist enquiries at Wet & Forget, that will assist a commercial business in keeping a specific property clean, or even solve an ongoing issue. In one such case, we were contacted by contracted outdoor cleaners who worked on the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. The walkway running next to the stadium was particularly well used by...
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  4. Raffles Hotel - Seychelles

    Raffles Hotel - Seychelles
    A huge range of companies from all over the world have utilised the exceptional cleaning power of Wet & Forget, keeping surfaces clean and safe to walk on for employees and customers alike. But it came as a pleasant surprise when we were contacted by a hotel chain in the Seychelles, enquiring if they could use our cleaning...
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