We often get specialist enquiries at Wet & Forget, that will assist a commercial business in keeping a specific property clean, or even solve an ongoing issue. In one such case, we were contacted by contracted outdoor cleaners who worked on the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. The walkway running next to the stadium was particularly well used by fans attending rugby matches and events, so needed a great deal of cleaning and maintenance to avoid any slips.

The Company

Millennium Stadium, otherwise known as the Principality Stadium for advertising purposes, is Cardiff's largest venue seating a maximum of 74,500 people. It has hosted Rugby World Cups, RBS Six Nations matches, FA Cup Finals, concerts and even motorsports events. In 2017 it will also be hosting the Champions League Final for the first time ever. Given its l

arge and diverse events calendar, it's no surprise that it welcomes over a million people through its doors every year.

In addition, the stadium run frequent tours for visitors to come and look around behind the scenes and even on the pitch. This increases footfall traffic even more, meaning that the stadium and surrounding area are always very busy.

The Project

The Millennium walk is a wooden section of walkway that runs next to the stadium, trodden on by thousands of people on a weekly basis. Along with being well used, the pathway also suffers from slimy and slippery algae that makes it dangerous for people to walk on.

Originally, they had been using pressure washers on the surface, but this only made the problem worse. Not only did the pressure washers damage the wood, but there would also be a lot of water left behind, allowing algae spores to grow. They ended up having to clean the walkway twice as much, as the algae would return so quickly.

The Outcome

Wet & Forget was an ideal solution in this case, as it simply needed to be sprayed on and left, meaning no damage to the wood, and no retained water to allow algae to grow back quickly. In fact, the product used on the walkway meant that algae wouldn't grow back until a year later.

This has kept the Millennium Walk perfectly safe for visitors to use, as well as saving the company a huge amount in labour costs.

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