Because Wet and Forget   is safe to use on any outside surface, this makes it perfect for treating all sizes of commercial buildings that suffer from mould, lichen, and algae contamination. Our products are trusted and proven to deliver high quality results quickly and easily, saving labour and time, unlike pressure washing or steam cleaning buildings which is expensive, takes a long time, and also risks damaging the building.

Damages from these types of cleaning sometimes isn’t immediately apparent, however water blasting can chip away at the surface and cause pitting. This results in the surface remaining clean for a shorter period of time; this is because rainwater is retained for longer on the surface which increases the rate at which mould, and other bacteria grows back.

That is why over the last 35 years, we have specialised the Wet & Forget formula so that it won’t damage your surfaces which happens with other harsh chemicals. As a commercial customer, you will save considerable amounts of time and money. We normally save our customers around 60% in labour costs, which is why we are a go to brand used by councils, building management companies, theme parks, zoos, schools and universities, leisure facilities, and many other well-known areas and businesses.