The cleaning power of Wet & Forget is known all over the world, so much so we tend to get enquiries from a huge array of industries and professions. One of the most interesting enquiries came from the owners of a superyacht, originally named the Mirabella V, but now known simply as M5 after being purchased by a different owner. They required our specialist cleaning solution for maintaining the hull, sails and luxury decking whilst being docked at Portsmouth. Naturally, we were happy to assist.


The Mirabella V was first launched in 2003 after being financed by former chairman and CEO of Avis car rentals, Joseph Vittoria. As the largest single-masted yacht ever built, the vessel has an understandably huge reputation when it comes to sailing, and has been pictured many times as an example of impeccable design and build. Originally constructed by Vosper Thorneycroft at Woolston, Hampshire, the superyacht underwent a refit in 2013 at Pendennis Shipyard after being purchased by Rodney Lewis.

The vessel is packed full of luxury features, including accommodation for 12 passengers and 14 crew, a jacuzzi on deck, sauna, movie theatre, dip pool and barbeque. Despite being over 246 feet in length, the M5 can still move at a cruising speed of 14 knots.

The Project

When docked in Portsmouth the crew of the vessel required supplies of Wet & Forget to clean the massive sails and teak decking to a very high standard. Given the triple-headed sloop configuration and an overlapping Genoa sail, they required professional sail cleaners to come in and complete the work. In total, the area needed to be cleaned by Wet & Forget was over 4,500 square metres.

The Outcome

The neutral pH level and effectiveness of Wet & Forget meant that the Mirabella V (or M5) left Portsmouth harbour looking squeaky clean. The sails especially did not suffer from any discolouration, and the staying power of the product meant that they wouldn’t need to be cleaned for at least 12 months, depending on the nature of its next voyage.

It was after this that Wet & Forget developed special tags for the sails which reminds the crew when the sails were treated and therefore when they need to be treated again.

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