Wet & Forget

  1. Government Organisations

    Government Organisations
    Wet and Forget is used by Governments and Government organisations. In Wales the Welsh Government uses Wet and Forget to help clean their Cathedrals and castles. Caernarfon Castle being the latest to use our product. In England the British Army use Wet and Forget on their buildings, pathways and their gravestones, ensuring they are kept immaculately clean. Wet...
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  2. Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities

    Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities
    Use Wet and Forget to keep hospitals and health centre buildings clean as well as paths, car parks and communal areas. An annual treatment will ensure that members of the public are kept safe from slips and falls, often caused by slippery surfaces where fast growing green Algae and Moss are found. Once eradicated, these contaminants can be...
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  3. Councils

    Councils use Wet and Forget to keep all types of areas clean such as paths, car parks, buildings, recreational areas including tennis courts and AstroTurf pitches, children’s’ playgrounds and monuments. Councils are aware that they will save at least 60% on labour costs alone by using our product.
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  4. Hotels, B&B and other Accommodation

    Hotels, B&B and other Accommodation
    Hotels, bed and breakfast and other commercial accommodation have to be kept looking clean and tidy. Whether it is the building’s facia, roof, car park, paths, outdoor leisure facilities such as tennis courts, garden areas, outdoor furniture and even umbrellas. It does not have to be a time consuming or expensive process to get these areas clean. Wet...
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  5. Leisure Facilities

    Leisure Facilities
    Moss, Mould and Algae Remover for Football Pitches, Running Tracks and Golf Courses If you need to keep your tennis courts clean or your AstroTurf football or hockey pitches clean or even your running track, your bowling greens or golf courses free of Moss and Algae. Wet and Forget is the solution for you. Just mix with water...
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  6. Management Companies (Housing/Apartments)

    Management Companies (Housing/Apartments)
    If you are responsible for looking after a property or properties whether large or small. Wet and Forget will help you to reduce your maintenance costs by removing Moss, Mould, Lichen and Algae and keeping them away for up to a year. A substantial saving in labour costs will be achieved because of the simple application process of...
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  7. Maintenance Companies

    Maintenance Companies
    If your company looks after the maintenance of buildings, whether the roof, walls (rendered not rendered), painted/not painted, guttering, facias/soffits, paths, patios, fences, conservatories and window frames or even outdoor furniture and garden/leisure areas, Wet and Forget is the easy solution for you. Just mix with water and apply to ANY outside surface affected by Moss, Mould, Lichen...
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  8. Schools, Colleges & Universities

    Schools, Colleges & Universities
    Wet and Forget is used by schools, colleges and universities to keep their paths and outdoor leisure facilities clean. They also use our product to keep their buildings looking clean and bright. Being almost PH neutral it won’t harm the oldest of buildings. They also use Wet and Forget to keep their tennis courts and AstroTurf pitches clean...
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  9. Shops

    If you need to keep your shop front clean whether it’s big or small. You can use Wet and Forget which can clean ANY outside surface. Some of the UK’s biggest retail companies use our product to keep their shops and buildings looking at their best. Whether it’s the store front, roof, paths or even carparks to keep...
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  10. Sports Facilities (Including Artificial Grass/Astro Turf)

    Sports Facilities (Including Artificial Grass/Astro Turf)
    Artificial Grass/Astro Turf Cleaning Product & Supplies Wet and Forget is ideal for keeping outdoor sports areas clean. We have many tennis clubs throughout the UK, that use Wet and Forget to remove slippery Algae and Moss from their courts and at a fraction of the cost of professional court cleaners. Tennis clubs have informed us that their...
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