About Wet & Forget

For over 35 years, Wet & Forget has worked endlessly to provide consumers with the most effective products to clean every surface in and around your home with the least amount of effort required. Wet & Forget the company was born in 1995 in New Zealand with its same name for its hero product Wet & Forget – the now internationally well known, mould lichen and algae remover.


This was the start of an ever expanding number of products for the company. In 2003 – Wet & Forget was launched in Australia, and then in 2009 it hit the USA stores with immense popularity and was quickly followed by the UK in 2011. In NZ, it is a household name with its ground breaking, specialised products for the home and commercial use. The huge range is ever growing and filtering through to other corners of the world. There are now trials in France, Germany, Sweden, Iceland and Japan. So – be assured that you are getting the best!


Wet & Forget solutions specialise in removing unwanted mould, algae, and lichen from all exterior surfaces from your home, to caravans, and even boats. We have carefully crafted a formula that works with no extra work required meaning you can simply… forget it. 


All Wet & Forget products are non-caustic, non-acidic, and bleach free with an almost neutral pH of 8. This ensures you can safely use our product without worrying about damaging exterior surfaces.