Wet & Forget

  1. Stadiums

    Wet and Forget has been used by some of the biggest stadiums in the country. Many have pressure washed their surfaces clean on a regular basis, only to discover that in many instances, they are destroying their surfaces and causing a much earlier return of slippery Algae and Moss. They have now discovered that Wet and Forget is...
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  2. Tennis Clubs/Courts

    Tennis Clubs/Courts
    Wet and Forget is ideal for keeping outdoor sports areas clean. We have many tennis clubs throughout the UK, that use Wet and Forget to remove slippery Algae and Moss from their courts and at a fraction of the cost of professional court cleaners. Tennis clubs have informed us that their members can resume play much earlier after...
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  3. Theme Parks and Holiday Resorts

    Theme Parks and Holiday Resorts
    Wet and Forget supplies some of the biggest and best known theme parks and holiday resorts in the world. They use Wet and Forget to keep their buildings, paths, carparks, outdoor furniture, playgrounds and even umbrellas and awnings clean. They use our product because not only do they save an average of 60% in labour costs when cleaning their...
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  4. Historic Buildings and Monuments

    Historic Buildings and Monuments
    Wet and Forget has a very gentle cleaning action, using just the wind and the rain to lift away the contamination. Because Wet and Forget only has a PH level of 8 (UK tap water is kept between PH 6.5 to 9.5) it is used to clean historic buildings and monuments. This is why organisations such as Historic...
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  5. Airport Cleaning Product

    Airport Cleaning Product
    Airports today are expected to look clean, safe and efficient. With their often complex structures made from a multitude of materials and finishes, it’s not a problem keeping them clean by using Wet and Forget. With its ability to be used on ANY outside surface such as metal, wood, concrete, glass and fibreglass to name a few. The airport’s terminals, hangars...
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