It's not uncommon for Wet & Forget to receive a specialist enquiry from a commercial entity in protecting their walkways and floors. Especially with locations that are open to the elements, there is a clear requirement for a reliable and environmentally friendly cleaner that can be used to remove the danger of slippery surfaces.

The Company

Caernarfon Castle is one of the most unique constructions in Wales given its polygon-shaped towers, and is a World Heritage site with a history stretching back to the thirteenth century. With significant investment during the 20th Century, and used for the Prince of Wales' investiture in 1969, the castle is now used as a tourist attraction, holding frequent events and tours during the year.

When we were contacted by the Welsh government, enquiring whether we could supply them with Wet & Forget to clean Caernarfon Castle, we were more than happy to lend a hand. As a major tourist attraction welcoming thousands of people per year, it required a significant amount of cleaning to ensure there wouldn't be any danger to the public who walk the walls.

The Project

The castle is made up of many polygonal towers with different unique names, including the Eagle Tower, Queen's Tower and the Black Tower. In between are sections of intact wall that can all be walked by potential tourists and the public.

Given that these areas are all open to the elements, and are well used on a daily basis, it is easy for them to become dirty and to grow algae or moss over time. The castle is open all year round, so there was also the issue of having enough time to clean the site before it being open to the public again.

The Outcome

Wet & Forget was the perfect solution for Caernarfon Castle, to ensure that the surfaces would stay clean and most importantly, non-slippery. Furthermore, the almost neutral PH level of Wet & Forget meant that the castle stonework would not be damaged. It could also be applied to surfaces quickly and easily, before being washed off by the elements in time for the castle to reopen.

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