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  1. May’s Most Asked Questions

    May’s Most Asked Questions
    Wet & Forget’s convenient cleaning revolution may seem too good to be true, leading you to ask how it works. To enlighten you on some Wet & Forget wonders, we have collated and answered last month’s most-asked questions: How Does Wet & Forget Work? Once a surface has been saturated with a treating of Wet & Forget, the...
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  2. Customer Spotlight - David

    Customer Spotlight - David
    We are proud to have many customers who love Wet & Forget as much as we do. One of them being David, who has been using our products for the past 12 years. Mould, lichen, and algae are common problems on house exteriors and roofs. After his initial application, he has used Wet & Forget yearly to keep...
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  3. How to Refresh Your Garden

    How to Refresh Your Garden
    It’s National Gardening Week, which means that (if the April showers will take a rest) it’s time to get out there and face your outdoor space. Here are some affordable ways to transform your garden and elevate your outdoor living:   Clean Your Outdoor Surfaces You certainly don’t want your green garden surfaces to take centre stage when...
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  4. What is The Difference Between Mould, Lichen & Algae?

    What is The Difference Between Mould, Lichen & Algae?
    At Wet & Forget, we throw these words around a lot, but what do they mean?   Mould Living with mould can be extremely dangerous, as it can trigger mild to severe respiratory illnesses. Recognising a mould infestation early can make removal easier and prevent risk. Mould infestations form when a mould spore lands in a damp, humid...
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  5. Wet & Forget Indoor

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  6. Wet & Forget Rapid

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  7. Wet & Forget Shower Cleaner

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  8. Wet & Forget Window

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  9. Wet & Forget Mould Lichen & Algae Remover

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  10. Top Tips to Freshen Up Your Home

    Top Tips to Freshen Up Your Home
    In the not-so-hot heat of winter, we are spending a lot more time indoors, so creating a clean, mindful environment to lounge about in is extremely important. Clearing you home of clutter and grime can instantly give you a sense of accomplishment and allow you to relax in your home.   Declutter Out with the old and in...
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