Windows are susceptible to staining following contact with water from rain and cleaning. This happens when the moisture from rain dries and leaves mineral deposits on glass surfaces, causing unwanted streaking and haziness to your windows.

Combatting this can be done by cleaning your windows with a squeegee and soap, however as soon as water meets with the glass, streaks will appear again. Luckily for you, Wet & Forget has the answer to spotless windows.



















Wet and Forget Window

Wet and Forget Window’s formula contains specialised citrate water softeners and additives that sheet the window, eliminating water spotting. It does this by making the glass hydrophilic (water loving) rather than hydrophobic (water fearing), this allows the water to spread evenly across the surface rather than puddle in droplets which is what creates streaks after those water droplets dry on the glass. It’s a combination of this process and smart surfactants that absorb dirt and grime resulting in perfectly clean, streak-free windows without a squeegee.

How to use:

  • Simply connect the Wet & Forget Window Cleaner’s nozzle directly to your garden hose and rotate the nozzle into the ‘on’ position.
  • Apply the product evenly, be careful not to tackle too many windows at once, you don’t want the product to dry (allow the product to sit for no more than five minutes) so avoid applying in direct sunlight.
  • Now you want to agitate the area you have covered using a microfibre pad or cloth to remove the surface grime lifted by the Window Cleaner.
  • Turn the nozzle into the ‘water’ position and rinse all suds and grime off the window from the top to the bottom. Rinse from the top and to the sides to prevent streaking.
  • Now watch as your windows dry, leaving a crystal clear, streak free finish.