A huge range of companies from all over the world have utilised the exceptional cleaning power of Wet & Forget, keeping surfaces clean and safe to walk on for employees and customers alike. But it came as a pleasant surprise when we were contacted by a hotel chain in the Seychelles, enquiring if they could use our cleaning product to keep their hotel clean.

The Company

With hotels located in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Raffles provide a luxurious escape to some of the most exotic destinations in the world. They cater for all kinds of customers, able to host all manner of corporate meetings, social events, spa journeys and family getaways in well-kept, clean facilities.

The Raffles resort located on the island of Praslin in the Seychelles features 86 villas, each with its own private plunge pool and outdoor pavilion.

The Project

After seeing Wet & Forget online, the management of the hotel got in touch with us, enquiring whether we could send any of our cleaning products over for them to try at their luxury resort.

As soon as we got the enquiry through, we were keen to be able to offer the Raffles Hotel the best cleaning products we could, as well as finding the most efficient way of shipping them over to the Seychelles.

We had to act fast to secure this new, valued customer, so we made sure that Wet & Forget products were on the next plane out of Heathrow airport. They were then collected by the hotel, once they had landed safely in the Seychelles.


They had heard about our product being one of the best biodegradable cleaners in the world, and especially with them being in a particularly beautiful location, they wanted a gentle cleaner that had no adverse effects on the environment.

The fact that our product was almost PH neutral and could be used on ANY outside surface was a huge benefit to them. With each villa having extensive areas of decking located outside, using Wet & Forget would ensure that guests wouldn't slip or fall on dangerous surfaces during their stay. It could even be used on the surrounds of swimming pools to keep all the stonework looking pristine and stop it becoming slippery.

Wet & Forget have shipped their amazing product to commercial entities all over the world, from a vast range of industries, who all required a gentle but thoroughly effective biodegradable outdoor cleaner, which can be used on any outside surface. Used annually it can prevent the need for incurring significant labour costs to achieve the cleanliness levels required by luxury hotels.

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