Our Wet & Forget products can be used in and around your home to provide a professional clean without the hard work. Each of our products is specially formulated to target indoor and outdoor pests like mould, lichen and algae. Check out our advice centre for a comprehensive list of the surfaces you can use Wet & Forget on.

Wet & Forget is made without harsh chemicals like bleach and ammonia and, with a gentle pH that is close to water, you can be sure that our products won't damage any of your surfaces.

As a residential customer, you can save time and money by avoiding expensive commercial treatments. With Wet & Forget you can give your outdoor areas a professional clean without the added expense.

Wet & Forget for Outdoor Cleaning

Wet & Forget can be used on any exterior surface exposed to rainfall. This ranges from paths, patios, garden furniture, umbrellas, conservatories, greenhouses, fences and rendering, UPVC windows, all the way up to and including the roof.

Applying Wet and Forget outdoor is easy! Either mix Wet & Forget outdoor and apply using a simple garden sprayer or use our auto-mixing Wet & Forget Rapid with the attached Reach Nozzle. This nozzle can reach heights of up to 8 metres or, using the fan nozzle, you can spray up to 200m2 in under 10 minutes

Once applied, your job is complete, sit back and relax while the eventual wind and rain naturally cleans the area.

Wet & Forget for Indoor Cleaning

Wet and Forget Indoor’s bleach-free formula is an effective antibacterial agent against mould and mildew. Perfect for cleaning all surfaces around the home, especially ones that often become damp and are susceptible to mould.

For tackling bathroom surfaces and showers, Wet & Forget Shower Cleaner has been specifically designed to tackle the stubborn mould and limescale found on these surfaces.

Wet & Forget for Window Cleaning

Wet and Forget Window makes cleaning your windows easy. With the attached reach nozzle you can reach two storeys high so there’s no need for ladders. The solution is formulated so that it doesn’t leave streaks from soap residue.