For many of us, the winter weather is fast-approaching, meaning it is time to get cosy and spend more time indoors. Unfortunately, we are not alone in enjoying the warmth of our houses, with warm, damp conditions providing the perfect environment for mould to grow.

Sharing our homes with mould can have a severe impact on our health. The spores are inhaled, which commonly leads to symptoms like a stuffy nose, cough, and even asthma attacks. In severe cases, those living in mould-ridden homes can develop respiratory conditions (1).

Mould invades households all over the world, but the UK in particular is tackling a mould crisis. A study revealed that 85% of UK homeowners have recently found mould in their home (2)

Despite this, with the right treatment you can shift the spores and live mould-free this winter.

Our Wet & Forget range offers the perfect solutions; the products do all the work, so you don’t have to, making mould removal quick and easy!


The combinations of biodegradable selective surfactants are perfectly formulated to treat and remove mould, dispensed with ultimate convenience.

Wet & Forget Shower

There is no better place for mould to thrive then a damp bathroom. In fact, 49% of people reported finding mould in this part of their home (2).

Wet & Forget Shower works like magic to reach those hard-to-get spots, without the need to scrub or wipe. Simply apply the product weekly, leave to soak, rinse, and voilà – your bathroom is mould-free.

Wet & Forget Indoor

But mould can creep up in other places, appearing in kitchens and bedrooms in 15% of homes (2).

Wet & Forget indoor can tackle multiple surfaces, simply washing away mould and mildew odours. The cleaner effectively kills bacteria and toxic mould contaminants, leaving your home safe and mould-free.


Wet & Forget Top Tips for a Mould Free Home

  1. Dry wet areas promptly and fix any leaks
  2. Ensure adequate ventilation throughout your home
  3. Use tried and trusted mould products like Wet & Forget Indoor and Wet & Forget Shower


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