It’s National Gardening Week, which means that (if the April showers will take a rest) it’s time to get out there and face your outdoor space.

Here are some affordable ways to transform your garden and elevate your outdoor living:


Clean Your Outdoor Surfaces

You certainly don’t want your green garden surfaces to take centre stage when you spent days arranging that flower bed.

At Wet & Forget, we’re big advocates for ridding fences, patios, and driveways of unsightly green, which can often take the limelight. Our solutions gently tackle mould, lichen, and algae without the need to scrub or jet-wash, so you can get back to admiring that flower bed.


Add Outdoor Lighting

As the evenings get warmer, it’s not long before we start spending them in the garden, be it dining, hosting, or just putting our feet up.

Adding outdoor lighting extends the amount of time we can spend in the garden outside of daylight hours and enhances the aesthetic of the space. You can also use lighting to enhance your favourite garden features, such as decking or sculptures.


Refresh Your Garden Furniture

Most of us are prone to neglect our garden furniture over the winter, be it stored at the back of our sheds or left out in the elements.

Replacing garden furniture can be costly, but this is not the only solution. It may simply just need a treating of Wet & Forget and/or a small lick of paint. This, along with treating yourself to a new array of cushions, can instantly give your furniture a new lease of life.


Introduce a Bird Feeder

Introducing a bird feeder welcomes nature into your outdoor space. There’s no better feeling than waking up to the sound of songbirds and relaxing in the garden as they chirp.

To attract a variety of birds, you’re best to place an assortment of feeders at different heights and locations around your garden.


Install a Wind Chime

If your goal is to create a serene space to sit back and relax, then a wind chime would make a great garden addition.

Not only do wind chimes have an aesthetic appeal, their gentle music is uplifting and mood-enhancing. From glass to shell or bamboo, there is a wind chime for every budget and preference.


We hope that these tips inspire you to refresh your garden in time for the warm weather, happy cleaning!