6 Simple Steps to Make House Cleaning Quick & Easy

There are so many more things we’d rather be doing than scrubbing the floors or washing the dishes. Yet, we have to do these routine jobs so that our homes stay clean and tidy. Here we share some simple house cleaning tips that will make cleaning your home quick and easy.

Step 1 - Declutter your home

Cleaning is a lot easier if you don’t have clutter lying around, to begin with! Dusting can take twice as long if you need to replace and move items before you can get to the surface underneath. Not to mention, if you have a lot of stuff lying around, it can be difficult to find things when you need them.

Clutter can make any home a nightmare to clean which is why we’d recommend giving your home a thorough declutter at least twice a year. Have a designated spot for everything and be sure to have all your most-used items easily accessible and easy to put away. The fewer items you have on surfaces and countertops the less dusting you will need to do.

Step 2 - Little and often

If you clean regularly then grime and mould won’t have the time to build up and become tricky to move. Nobody enjoys spending hours scrubbing at that stubborn spot! Set aside a little bit of time each day to get your cleaning done. Cleaning your home little and often can help to cut down the overall time you spend cleaning. One of the major time-saving methods of house cleaning is to tidy as you go. When you leave a room, don’t go empty-handed! Take your clean washing back to your bedroom, children’s toys to their correct location and dirty plates and dishes to the kitchen. This is a small, but effective way to prevent clutter from building up again!

If you usually take 20 minutes to get ready to leave the house give yourself 25 minutes instead. Use those extra 5 minutes to wipe down countertops or load the dishwasher. When you wake up in the morning make the bed straight away. It only takes a minute or two to make the bed and it can mean the difference between a tidy-looking room to a messy, disorganised room.

Step 3 - Use a cleaner that does the job

Don’t forget your cleaning utensils are your best friend in your mission for a clean and tidy house! If you don’t have the proper tools your job will be a lot more difficult than it needs to be. Be sure to use cleaners with sanitising action in areas where mould and other contaminants are more likely to inhabit, for example, the kitchen.

Wash your cleaning towels, cloths and sponges after every use. If you reuse the same sponge to clean without thoroughly washing it first you’ll recontaminate the areas you’re trying to clean with more germs and dust! Knowing where the dirtiest places in your home reside can help you create a plan of action to clean these areas effectively.

Step 4 - Prioritise

Cleaning your home can be a mammoth and continual task - especially if you have a large home or live with children! In an ideal world, we’d like every room to be spotless and gleaming however, this isn’t always realistic or achievable. Prioritising the workload helps to keep you organised and motivated so that at least some of the work is getting done.

Make a list of all the things that you need to do and make yourself some cleaning goals - take a look at our Kitchen Cleaning Checklist and our Bathroom Cleaning Checklist to help you keep track of all tasks and tick off tasks when they are completed.

While you want your home to be perfect and as clean as possible sometimes you have to be content with ‘clean enough.’ Try to achieve all the big tasks first and be content that the little ones might need to wait a day or two. Do 1 big cleaning task each day accompanied by some little ones and you’ll spend around 30 minutes per day keeping on top of all household cleaning.

Step 5 - A room a day keeps chores at bay!

One common method for cleaning your home quickly is to break it down into a room a day. Each day, focus on cleaning a different room. Cleaning methodically one room at a time prevents grime, mould and dirt from piling up which means that we don’t need to use too much energy or elbow grease trying to remove those stubborn stains.

Step 6 - Try task cleaning

Task cleaning - a method favoured by the pros. Task cleaning involves completing one task such as dusting throughout the entire house before starting the next task and so on. Breaking down cleaning tasks in this way helps to prevent wasting too much time stuck cleaning one area until it is spotless. Task cleaning helps to keep you on track in a more time-efficient way.

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