Cleaning Your Garden in Autumn

Autumn is a key time of year for garden maintenance, since it is in between the warm summer months and the extreme cold that comes with the winter season. It is your last chance to get any repairs or cleaning jobs complete before an onslaught of rain, wind and eventually snow hits your garden.


Leave it too late and you end up trying to clear leaves and trim shrubbery in the freezing cold, so it's a good idea to get your garden in order as early as possible. Below we have listed some of the important tasks you'll need to get done in your garden, that you'll regret not doing in the spring.

Clear away Summer items

You might have a fair few items that could only be used over summer, such as a barbeque or perhaps some nice garden chairs that have been occupied by family and friends during the warmer months. Unfortunately, these are likely to get damaged if you leave them out over winter, especially with the rain and snow, which have a habit of causing rust in metal items and damp in wooden items.

Whether you have a shed to put everything in, a garage, or even a covered area outside, it's best to move these items as soon as possible. At the very least, invest in some covers that will keep precious items protected over winter.

Scraping up leaves

Depending on what sort of trees are in or overlooking your garden, it could take you an afternoon to clear away leaves. Once they have fallen though, you are advised to get yourself a rake and clear away those leaves as much as possible, so you aren't left with a wet mulch on top of your lawn.

Clear away old plants

Along with clearing away leaves, you can also do a spot of gardening by removing any old plants that have died. Whether it is old vegetables you might have been growing, plants that haven't quite survived or even weeds around the borders of your garden, Autumn is a perfect time to make your garden look a bit more presentable.

Tidy borders

Your borders are likely to get a bit out of control without maintenance, and start to grow onto pathways and look a bit untidy. Use a pair of border shears or lawn edging scissors to trim them back into a nice, neat edge, which will inevitably make your lawn look much neater and well presented.

Clean decking or pathway

Pathways and decking can also look a bit grubby after a year's growth, so could do with a bit of maintenance before the weather gets too cold. Wet and Forget can help you eradicate moss, mould or algae, which can make surfaces slippery and look untidy too.

For any more advice on cleaning your garden, or if you would like to make an enquiry about any Wet and Forget product, head over to our contact page.