Wet & Forget Window
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Wet and Forget Window Exterior Glass Cleaner, The Invisible Liquid Squeegee.

Ideal for cleaning your windows and conservatory cleaning

Wet & Forget Window is a unique window cleaning solution that combines smart surfactants to dissolve grime.
Wet & Forget Window also contains citrate water softeners and high performance additives to sheet water from the window, eliminating water spotting.
Wet & Forget Window Cleaner has a newly developed Sniper Nozzle that will give you an 8 metre reach - that's 2 storeys high! Perfect for cleaning 2nd floor windows or conservatory roofs.
Wet & Forget Window has a unique formula enabling the water to sheet off the window, thus preventing water spotting.

How to use Wet & Forget Window

1. Apply the product to the window with our new Sniper Nozzle which can reach up to 8m (2 storeys).  Move quickly to avoid wastage.
2. Lightly brush with one of our Extendable Microfibre Window Pads to remove any excess grime.
3. Rinse off within 5 minutes. Don’t Let it Dry!
4. When you rinse off - rinse thoroughly with water from top to bottom so that you don't get any streaking with the soap residue. No need to squeegee windows - Wet & Forget does the work for you!

No need to squeegee windows!

• Wet & Forget Window is fantastic to maintain recently cleaned windows and should be used as a maintenance spray. • Water sheets off, leaving no water spotting! • Takes the hard work out of window cleaning. • Safer! – no need to climb ladders. You can stand on the ground and reach 8 metres high. (That's 2 storeys high!)

Coverage: when used as per instructions, the product will cover up to 600m2

Water Tanks: If Wet & Forget Window is likely to enter the tank via your guttering, you will need to disconnect your water supply for a minimum of 20mm of rain, or 4 decent downpours to flush any residue.

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