Wet & Forget

Clean Outside Surfaces and Remove Mould, Lichen and Algae with Original Wet and Forget Cleaners

Wet & Forget has a unique combination of biodegradable selective surfactants for mould, lichen and algae removal on any exterior surface. When diluted with water and applied, it immediately attacks these unsightly contaminants.

Each time it rains our efficient cleansing combination reactivates to help flush away the mould, lichen and algae without scouring the surface it has infested. Wet & Forget is an effective way of removing these contaminants from any exterior surface exposed to rainfall.  Once applied the wind and the rain will gently takes the decomposing material away bit by bit until the surface is clean.

  • Non caustic.
  • Non acidic.
  • No bleach.
  • No pressure washing.
  • No elbow grease.
  • 5L concentrate makes 30L of product. No special equipment required just a good garden sprayer..
  • Easy to maintain, reapply at the first sign of recontamination.
  • UNLIMITED shelf life even when mixed with water.