Hotels, B&B and other Accommodation

large-hotel-rHotels, bed and breakfast and other commercial accommodation have to be kept looking clean and tidy. Whether it is the building’s facia, roof, car park, paths, outdoor leisure facilities such as tennis courts, garden areas, outdoor furniture and even umbrellas. It does not have to be a time consuming or expensive process to get these areas clean. Wet and Forget can be used on ANY outside surface to remove unsightly black and green Mould, Moss, Lichen and Algae. By mixing our product with water and applying either with a manual pump action or electric low pressure sprayers (See our Thrust One sprayer range) All the outdoor surfaces can be quickly and easily treated with Wet and Forget. Just mix our product with water and apply. You literally wet it and forget it. Then let the wind and the rain do all the cleaning for you to produce very clean surfaces that stay clean for up to a year.bed-and-breakfast-r