Wet & Forget Mould & Mildew Shower Bathroom Cleaner - 2L + Sprayer


Give your shower a sparkling finish with Wet & Forget's shower spray! This shower cleaner is another effective, labour-saving product from the Wet & Forget family. Simply spray your shower area or bath with the high-efficiency sprayer included in the bottle, then the next time that you want to use your shower, simply rinse the surfaces that you have sprayed for sparkling clean results.

  • Vanilla scented
  • Contains no aggressive chemicals
  • Effectively dissolves soap scum, oils & grime!
  • Weekly use - no need for daily scrubbing
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Size 2L

Can I clean my bathroom with Wet & Forget?

Wet & Forget Shower Cleaner is perfectly formulated for use in any household bathroom. It was developed with soft chemistry so it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals that could cause fumes or irritation.

Wet & Forget Shower is an easy once-a-week application that means you won’t have to scrub on a daily basis to get results! In poorly ventilated bathrooms Wet & Forget Shower helps to remove Mould & Mildew plus dissolve body fats, oils and gunge.

How do I attach the remote sprayer?

Open the flip cap and firmly insert (white) hose tip until it snaps into place. Once attached, fully extend the hose to 3 ft [36 in]. After each use turn sprayer nozzle to 'OFF' position and snap back into bottle handle to avoid leaks. Once the trigger is connected store and transport in an upright position.

How do you apply the product?

Spray your shower down with Wet & Forget Shower after you use the shower. The next day, simply rinse the surfaces clean with water before showering. Do this once each week to keep your shower spotless.

My sprayer isn't working.

Once the hose tip is snapped into place extend the hose 3' (36 inches). If the hose isn't fully extended the entire 3' it will cause a kink and product will not properly flow through the hose into the sprayer.

Can I use Wet & Forget Shower to clean an already dirty shower?

Yes. For tough jobs spray Wet & Forget Shower on the surfaces that need cleaning. Let it sit overnight. Before your next shower, rinse the surface and give it a quick wipe-down. If the shower still needs additional attention, apply Wet & Forget Shower each day until clean. Once you've obtained a clean shower you can start your maintenance program of spraying the shower once a week. This will prevent the build-up of everyday shower grime.

Can Wet & Forget Shower be safely used on any material?

We always recommend testing Wet & Forget Shower in an inconspicuous area prior to using. Wet & Forget Shower has been tested on ceramic, natural stone, chrome, brass, bronze, nickel, copper, acrylic, rubber, vinyl, stainless steel, granite, slate, glass tiles, cultured marble, and fiberglass. Wet & Forget is not recommended for use on natural marble.

Can Wet & Forget Shower be used on shower curtains and shower door glass?

Yes. Wet & Forget Shower can be used on glass, plexiglass, vinyl, rubber, nylon, and plastic.

Can Wet & Forget Shower be used on sinks, counters and other areas of the bathroom?

Yes. Apply Wet & Forget Shower. Let it sit for a few moments then rinse with water.

Does Wet & Forget Shower contain bleach?

No. Wet & Forget Shower was developed with soft chemistry. It doesn't contain harsh or aggressive chemicals like bleach, ammonia, dyes or their irritating fumes.

Is Wet & Forget Shower safe for septic tanks?

Yes, it will not affect or interfere with the aerobic or anaerobic bacteria in your septic tank.

What are the active ingredients in Wet & Forget Shower?

Wet & Forget Shower contains two non-aggressive, proprietary non-ionic and cationic surfactants. One dissolves soap scum, and the other targets body oils. This combination gently goes to work, softening and eliminating soap scum and body oils and leaving behind a clean shower and a soothing scent. No scrubbing or wiping required!

Will Wet & Forget Shower remove mould and mildew from silicon or grout?

No. Wet & Forget Shower will remove surface mould and mildew stains, but not those permanently sealed in silicon or grout.

Will Wet & Forget Shower remove the build-up of soap scum and grime in my washing machine?

Yes. If your washing machine has a build-up of soap scum and grime, spray Wet & Forget Shower on the walls of the washing machine and inside the agitator if applicable. Leave overnight, and then run a short wash cycle to rinse the product off. Repeat if necessary up to 3 times. This will dissolve and wash away any build-up.

Will Wet & Forget Shower remove lime/calcium deposits caused by hard water?

We recommend cleaning lime/calcium deposits prior to using Wet & Forget Shower. Wet & Forget Shower cleans and prevents the build-up of soap scum, grime, oils. It also cleans mould and mildew stains.

How long does it take Wet & Forget Shower to work?

Wet & Forget Shower gently goes to work on contact dissolving soap scum, grime and body oils. Tough jobs might require a wipe-down prior to your next shower to get the desired results. Wet & Forget Shower continues to clean and prevent new build-up over the next week. With regular weekly use, your shower will remain sparkling clean.

DIRECTIONS FOR WEEKLY USE: After showering or using the bath, spray Wet & Forget on all fixtures, shower curtains, enclosures, shower glass, tiles and your bathtub. Then simply rinse all surfaces including the shower base or bathtub thoroughly before re-entering for your next shower or bath.

HOW TO USE THE SPRAYER: 1. Open flip cap closure 2. Remove sprayer from slot in handle. Undo wire and pull hose plug to completely extend tubing to 100cm. 3. Firmly press hose plug into opening on cap until it clicks into place. 4. Slide ON/OFF lever to ‘OPEN’ position. 5. Rotate nozzle to desired setting ‘SPRAY / STREAM’.

AFTER USE: To store, turn sprayer nozzle to ‘OFF’ position (5) and turn lever to ‘CLOSED’ position (4). DO NOT disconnect hose plug. To avoid leakage return the sprayer to its slot in the handle and keep in an upright position always.

PLEASE NOTE: This product will not remove hard mineral deposits (water spotting). Do test spot if you have dark tiles and hard water so as not to highlight calcium deposits. Wet & Forget Shower will not remove mould stains found inside silicon seals and black mould in grouting will take time.

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