Wet & Forget 5L and Wet & Forget Shower Bundle
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Save Money With the Wet and Forget Shower 2L and 5L bundle

Effectively clean indoors and outdoors with our Wet & Forget 5L and Wet & Forget Shower 2L bundle. If you're in the market for a bleach-free cleaning solution, look no further. Grab this online offer while you can.

All of our products are bleach and ammonia free meaning that you can be happy knowing that there are no chemical nasties in your cleaning products.

Wet & Forget 5 Litre is perfect for outdoor cleaning on any area that receives rainfall while our Wet & Forget Shower 2 Litre has got you covered indoors for cleaning the shower, bath or wet room. 

Wet & Forget 5L kills and removes mould, lichen and algae without the need of special equipment, just a good garden sprayer!

Wet & Forget Shower 2L is an innovative weekly shower cleaner - there's no need for daily scrubbing to get results.

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