Thrust One Rocket VX Electric Sprayer
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20L Electric Cart Sprayer For Applying Wet and Forget

The Rocket VX cart sprayer is an innovative electrical device with a capacity of 20 litres. It is ideal for spraying Wet and Forget and liquid fertilizer without the necessity of continual manual pumping.

At the heart of the Rocket VX is a 12 volt gel battery with a high capacity 7200mAh. The processor in the sprayer ensures safe and efficient battery charging, protects against improper discharge and informs the user about the current state of the device. A modern, water-resistant easy to read display with audible alerts, ensures the sprayer is safe and comfortable to use. The Rocket VX is equipped with wide, stable wheels and a long reinforced hose which has a special holder on the side. VX has a triple filter system: in the handle, in the refill opening and at the end of the suction pipe in the tank.

With these unique features the electric sprayer is ideal for operation in gardens, greenhouses, nurseries and in the forestry industry.


Total Capacity (ml) 22,01
Working Capacity (ml) 20,01
Liquid Output 0,4 - 2,21/min
Height 890mm
Width 390mm