Thrust One Professional Plus 12L Sprayer
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12L Sprayer for Wet and Forget and Water Based Paints

The Professional Plus 12 litre sprayer is specially designed so it can be used for painting outside walls with water based paints, for shading the walls of greenhouses and liming tree trunks. However, like all our multi purpose sprayers, it can also be used for spraying plant protection chemicals, fertilisers and for washing down machines.

Spraying with emulsions and lime is possible due to a special device; a patented mixer (preventing sedimentation), metal ball valves, reinforced hose and high flow capacity pipes. This sprayer also features a high efficiency pump placed outside the tank to avoid its contact with aggressive chemicals and thick liquids. It is also more comfortable for the operator as they don’t need to bend over while pumping.

The Professional Plus 12 litre is a well equipped, professional, reliable and practical sprayer. Every detail of this sprayer has been expertly designed to assist the user. Each element of this device is thoroughly tested before final assembly meaning that each part is durable and high quality. Using chemically-resistant materials, our expert engineers have designed one of the most user friendly and multi-functional sprayers you can find on market.

Total Capacity (ml) 11,71
Working Capacity (ml) 11,01
Pressure 0,4 MPa
Height 835mm
Width 220mm