Thrust One Professional 12L Sprayer
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12L Sprayer for Applying Wet and Forget

To increase precision, efficiency and comfort of use, our engineers have designed each sprayer with high quality components including nozzles, a push-in dosing valve, and pump. All the parts are made from durable, and chemical-resistant materials and every component can be replaced to ensure that you never have to buy another sprayer.

Our Professional Sprayers can be used for spraying Wet and Forget on patios, paving and pathways to target unsightly lichen. The versatile Professional Thrust One can also be used as a fertiliser sprayer to distribute liquid fertilisers in gardens and greenhouses, or used for neutralising chemical pollution.

For hard to reach spots, why not try our 3 Metre Lance Sprayer Extension? Our sprayer extension will fit any Thrust One Litre Sprayer from 5 litres up, allowing you to distribute Wet & Forget with ease.


Total Capacity (ml) 11,61
Working Capacity (ml) 11,01
Pressure 0,4 MPa
Height 600mm
Width 220mm