Thrust One Professional 5L Sprayer
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5L Sprayer for Applying Wet and Forget

The Thrust One Professional 5L Sprayer is a practical and reliable way to apply Wet and Forget to large areas. Thrust One models are designed to be easy to use and are not only ideal for spraying Wet and Forget, they are the perfect spray equipment for distributing protective chemicals and liquid fertilisers in gardens, nurseries, orchards, plantations and greenhouses. They can also be used for neutralising chemical pollution.

The Professional sprayers are just that, professional. All the parts are made from high quality, durable, and chemical-resistant materials and every component can be replaced to ensure that you never have to buy another sprayer. To improve comfort of usage, each Professional sprayer is equipped with a precise dosing push-in valve, nozzles and a very efficient pump. The engineers have designed probably the most user-friendly sprayer you can find on the market.

For hard to reach spots, why not try our 3 Metre Lance Sprayer Extension? Our sprayer extension will fit any Thrust One Litre Sprayer from 5 litres up, allowing you to distribute Wet & Forget with ease.


Total Capacity (ml) 5,751
Working Capacity (ml) 5,01
Pressure 0,4 MPa
Height 415mm
Width 220mm