Conservatory Roof Cleaner

Conservatory Roof Cleaner

Moss and algae on conservatory roofs are a common problem, but not only are they unsightly additions to your homes, did you know they can also damage the structural integrity of your roofs? By building up around the tiles, they can actually both force them out of place and bore into them, requiring both expensive repairs to prevent and fix water damage. Whether your conservatory roofing consists of tiles or glass panels, you are going to want to tackle these pests. But how can you efficiently remove them?

Roof Maintenance Doesn’t Have to be Hard

There are many ways to keep on top of conservatory cleaning and keep your conservatory roof free from moss, algae and lichen – but these are often both costly and time consuming. One method would be to remove any overhead trees, as these can cast shadows over your conservatory and promote the growth of algae and moss. This, however, is both an expensive and impractical solution to your problem. Another option would be using harsh chemicals to try and remove the moss and algae, but this could end up doing further damage to your tiles and glass, with caustic and bleach-based solutions eating away at roofing tiles. For both glass and roof tiles, harsh chemicals can also run off the surface, killing any surrounding plants and pose a health and safety threat to any pets or young children.

Simple and Ammonia-Free

This is where Wet & Forget steps in as the perfect solution to all your moss, algae and lichen problems. Wet & Forget Window is an effective and safe conservatory roof cleaner. At a gentle pH of 8, which is as closed to neutral as you can get, you can rest assured that any run off from your conservatory roof won’t damage any nearby plants, and that your tiles will be protected from harsh solutions. Simply apply it once to the area, and then leave it for the elements to break down the moss, algae, weeds and lichens over time - killing them for up to a year. Following the first application, any further maintenance will be a much shorter process, meaning you can easily stay on top of it.

Quick and Easy

Removing unsightly moss, weeds, algae and lichen from your conservatory roof has never been easier – all that is required is your bottle of Wet & Forget cleaning solution, a garden sprayer and tap water:

  • Wait for a break in the weather before you start to clean your conservatory roof, an upcoming dry spell of 2-3 days is ideal.
  • Mix one part of Wet & Forget with five parts of water in a garden sprayer.
  • Soak your roof thoroughly with the solution and let it dry for four to five hours - during that time, Wet & Forget starts to get on with the job of cleaning your conservatory roof, leaving you free to enjoy the nice weather.
  • And that's it! There's no need to scrub or rinse Wet & forget away, simply reapply should anything reappear to maintain your beautiful conservatory roof.

For those wanting to make cleaning your conservatory roof even easier, try Wet & Forget Rapid. The built-in nozzle and pre-mixed formula makes treating your roof for moss, algae, weeds or lichen a piece of cake - especially for those with a large area to cover. You'll also have the peace of mind of knowing that you've eradicated your problem in the most hassle-free way imaginable.

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