Theme Parks and Holiday Resorts

Fairground Rides Wet and ForgetWet and Forget supplies some of the biggest and best known theme parks and holiday resorts in the world. They use Wet and Forget to keep their buildings, paths, carparks, outdoor furniture, playgrounds and even umbrellas and awnings clean. They use our product because not only do they save an average of 60% in labour costs when cleaning their surfaces.

wetforget_deckchairs-by-swimming-poolBut because these surfaces stay clean for up to a year, there is a huge saving in labour costs by NOT having to pressure wash the surfaces clean up to four times a year.wetforget_themepark_2-ed themepark-3-edWet and Forget normally has only to be applied annually, because it reactivates with the rain to keep the surfaces clean by killing the contaminating spores that arrive throughout the year.wetforget_themepark_4