stadium-spain-rWet and Forget has been used by some of the biggest stadiums in the country. Many have pressure washed their surfaces clean on a regular basis, only to discover that in many instances, they are destroying their surfaces and causing a much earlier return of slippery Algae and Moss. They have now discovered that Wet and Forget is the simple and cost effective solution for keeping their external surfaces clean and free from slippery moss and algae. Saving approximately 60% in labour costs for treating the contamination in the first place, but then all the labour costs saved through only having to treat the surfaces once a year. Many stadium owners have been pressure washing at least four times a year. The cost savings are therefore substantial let alone the savings in water.

stadium-with-football-on-grass-rBecause Wet and Forget can be used on ANY outside surface. The stadium’s outside structure can be kept in immaculate condition including paths, walkways, stairs and carparks. The wind and the rain will do all the cleaning once our product has been applied quickly and safely through a low pressure spray application.stadium-photo-r