Management Companies (Housing/Apartments)

Painted housing PropertyIf you are responsible for looking after a property or properties whether large or small. Wet and Forget will help you to reduce your maintenance costs by removing Moss, Mould, Lichen and Algae and keeping them away for up to a year. A substantial saving in labour costs will be achieved because of the simple application process of our product. Just mix it with water and apply with either a good pump action sprayer or for larger surfaces a low pressure Electric sprayer (we sell both types). Just wet the areas with our product and forget about them. Let the wind and the rain do the gentle cleaning for you. This process will save you or your company at least 60% in labour costs.

suburban colored housing PropertyWet and Forget is often used by management companies to clean roofs, walls, rendered and not rendered, painted/not painted, guttering, facias/soffits, paths, patios, fences, conservatories and window frames. Wet and Forget works on ANY outside surface. Use Wet and Forget annually and all these ugly and sometimes unsafe contaminants will be kept at bay.

Apartment Property blocks in harbour