Commercial/Office Buildings

Wet & Forget Commercial London Buildings

Wet and Forget can be used on large commercial and office buildings to remove Algae, Moss, lichen and Mould. Our product works on ANY outside surface and can be easily applied with a low pressure commercial sprayer. Wet and Forget will ensure the contamination is killed and by using the wind and the rain, the contaminants will be flushed away leaving a very clean looking building.


The ingredients in Wet and Forget will reactivate with the rain throughout the year to keep killing the new contaminating spores that arrive on the building’s surfaces. Thus ensuring they remain clean. Also, by using Wet and Forget the customer avoids the harsh and abrasive nature of pressure washing or water blasting the surfaces clean.

This causes damage to the surfaces; making them pitted or causes surface breakaway. This then results in more water retention which makes it even easier for Moss and Algae to become established. This means that companies clean their buildings and other outside surfaces more frequently, costing more and more money. Just by using Wet and Forget the first time will save a company around 60% in labour costs. Then additional savings through having to clean the buildings less frequently. Using Wet and Forget really does make good commercial sense.commercial-5