Commercial Services

Wet and Forget can be used on any outside surface which makes it ideal for treating commercial buildings suffering from contamination from mould, lichen and algae. Our cleaning products deliver high quality results which make the perfect solution for commercial cleaning. Pressure washing or steam cleaning buildings can take many man hours and cause serious and permanent damage.

Often such damage is not immediately obvious, but water blasting can cause significant pitting to the surface. This will result in rainwater being retained longer on the surface which then allows the mould, lichen and algae’s contaminating spores to become established more quickly than before.

Wet & Forget's specialised formula means that you won’t damage your surfaces which can happen with harsh chemical cleaners. As a commercial customer, you will save considerable amounts of time and money as Wet and Forget is very fast to apply. You should save in the region of 60% and this is why we are used by councils, building management companies, world renowned theme parks, zoos, universities and schools, leisure facilities, the British Army and other well-known companies.