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Using Wet and Forget to clean your outdoor surfaces will AVOID the need to use pressure washing or harsh chemicals. Wet & Forget is easy to use, just apply the product to the infested surface and let it do the rest.

To make matters even easier we offer application services so you can free up more of your time. Whether you're a homeowner who needs to clean your outdoor surfaces or a commercial company looking to clean your building, we're here to lend a helping hand. Get in touch to find out more about booking in for a service.

A Non-Acidic Product For All External Applications

Wet & Forget is non caustic, non acidic and contains no bleach! Once applied, the wind and the rain will interact with our ingredients to leave your outdoor surfaces looking like new.

The product we use has a pH of 8. Tap water is 7!

Waterblasting is a common method of lichen removal but it is very aggressive and abrasive to surfaces - It can lift paint, scour timber and lift the fine sand and cement out of concrete. Plus it does not kill the growth - so even as you are waterblasting, the growth spore is busily re-establishing itself.

Then there are aggressive chemicals like bleach, caustic soda and acid based products which have the same effect as waterblasting.

Thankfully Wet and Forget does none of the above because it is completely free of aggressive chemicals and can be used on any outdoor surface.

Commercial Application

We can provide a commercial application service for companies who need all types of surfaces cleaned. We can arrange the man power to provide the commercial sized mould, lichen and algae removal services you need.

Domestic Application

We also provide a domestic application service for homeowners who need help with making their house look as good as new. What ever the building size, contact us for more information.