Tips For and From Customers


Lightly mist the back of the curtains with Wet and Forget before they get mouldy at the start of winter. If they are already mouldy it won't get rid of the mould. It will only kill the spores. Always do a test area to ensure that the curtain is dye fast.

Lichen on Trees

Dilute the Wet and Forget 7 to 1. Only spray in the autumn or winter when the trees are dormant. Be aware that certain species of lichen will die on the surface and not change colour, so they need to be brushed off.

Smelly Shoes/Sneakers

In a bucket mix half a cup Wet and Forget concentrate & 2 Tablespoons Baking Soda. Fill with warm water. Submerse smelly shoes (using a weight to keep them down or they will try and float to the surface) & leave overnight. Thoroughly rinse out in fresh water the following day. NB: Some poor quality glues may come off

Tea Tree sap on car paint (when left under trees)

Wet a rag with Wet and Forget concentrate and rub over the sap lightly until the sap dissolves. Wash down with fresh water


Put 2 caps of Wet & Forget concentrate in with the towels on the initial wash -when you are washing them. They will smell nice by sterilising them and it will make them fluffy.


50ml in windscreen washer bottle. Then use windscreen washer. Or, if bad webbing is evident, squirt some Wet & Forget directly onto the windscreen.