Preparing Your Home for Christmas Visitors

With Christmas just around the corner, cleaning may be the last thing on your mind. However, with the right cleaning products and choosing to focus on a few key areas, preparing your home for Christmas visitors can be made easy. Whether you’re hosting Christmas dinner or just want to have the satisfaction of waking up to a tidy house on Christmas day, our guide is here to help you prepare for the big day.

Here are our simple tips to keep Christmas cleaning easy with Wet & Forget, banishing germs and keeping your home sparkling clean for Christmas day.


In the run up to Christmas, your time can be limited and knowing where to start when it comes to cleaning can be difficult. We suggest starting with decluttering - putting things in their correct place, throwing away items you no longer use and clearing worktops and surfaces. Alongside creating more space for your Christmas displays and decorations, clearing your home of excess clutter will make it easier to maintain a tidy house in preparation for Christmas day. Aim to keep on top of small household tasks throughout the month, and ensuring everything remains in its rightful place, so that on the day you can focus your efforts on last minute jobs and enjoy your time spent with loved ones.

Dust and Disinfect Surfaces

Preparing for the arrival of any guests means paying extra attention to surfaces around your home. Be sure to dust round newly decluttered surfaces as well as commonly overlooked areas - such as blinds, lampshades and spaces between furniture - before going in with a sanitising cleaner to banish lingering germs. Wet & Forget Indoor is perfect for use on a variety of surfaces around your home.  The ready-to-use formula is designed to make cleaning quick and easy, whilst killing bacteria, viruses, mould and mildew.  Simply spray and wipe away for surfaces that are virus-free and visitor-ready this Christmas.

When it comes to cleaning household surfaces, pay particular attention to germ hotspots which have the risk of spreading bacteria or viruses. Light switches, handles and doorknobs are just some of the high-traffic areas that are often forgotten but carry the most germs! Visit our blog for more of our top tips to fight household germs.

Deep Clean Your Kitchen

Prepare for all the food prep and cooking that comes with the festive season by giving your kitchen a deep clean. Wipe down worktops and surfaces, opting for a product that not only cleans but disinfects. Wet & Forget Indoor is a sanitising cleaner, designed to effectively kill bacteria and contaminants without the use of bleach. So you can clean your kitchen surfaces happily knowing it won’t cause any damage or release harsh, irritating fumes.

Once your kitchen surfaces are clean, you can spend some time focusing on polishing glassware and cutlery that you might be using on Christmas day. Preparing ahead is key at this time of year; any tasks that can be done ahead of time will allow you to spend more time with loved ones, and less time cleaning on Christmas day.

If you have more time on your hands, why not give some other areas of your home a deep clean, following our guide: ‘How to Give Your Home a Deep Clean'.

Clean Guest Bathrooms

Ensure any guest bathrooms are sparkling clean and ready for visitors with a quick and easy cleaning solution such as Wet & Forget Shower Cleaner. Give your toilet and sink area a quick spray and let Wet & Forget do the work - all you need to do is rinse or wipe the product away. Our labour-saving solution does the rest, dissolving scum, oils, grime and mould for long-lasting results. What’s more, the soft vanilla scent means you can happily invite guests into your home without them knowing you’ve just cleaned! Visit our blog post 'Tackling the Dirtiest Areas in Your Bathroom' for more bathroom cleaning tips.

Wet & Forget offer a host of cleaning solutions, aimed at tackling indoor surfaces, windows, bathrooms and outdoor surfaces. For more tips on how to use our products in and around your home, visit our blog.