How to Get Your Home Spring-ready

When spring comes around, many of us reach for our cleaning products and get to work on dusting and decluttering as we take on our annual spring clean. This year, why not add some exterior cleaning tasks to your list? Here are some of the areas that may be forgotten but can really make the difference when it comes to freshening up your home for spring.

Clean Windows to Let the Sun Shine Through

Kick-off your spring clean by washing your windows to really brighten up your home. Often, our windows take the brunt of the winter weather, gathering dirt, dust and grime. While you may have given your windows the odd once-over throughout the colder months, now is the time to give them a deep clean to really leave them sparkling and allow the light to flow through your home this spring.

Wet & Forget Window is our unique window cleaning solution, with smart surfactants to dissolve grime and a high performance formula that enables water to sheet off the window, preventing water spotting. Plus, the sniper nozzle included makes window cleaning safer by eliminating the need for ladders. Stand safely on the ground and reach windows up to 2 storeys high.

Brighten Outdoor Areas with a Fresh Coat of Paint

Painting your fence is a great way to freshen up your home exterior and add a permanent pop of colour to your garden. If you find that your wooden fence has been marred by moss, algae and lichen over the years, then you may want to remove these unsightly contaminants before going in with your paintbrush

A moss, mould, lichen and algae killing solution such as Wet & Forget is perfect for the job. Like all our products, application is quick and easy and requires minimum effort - simply mix 1 part Wet & Forget to 5 parts water in a high-quality garden sprayer and thoroughly saturate the chosen area, letting it dry for 4-5 hours. Wet & Forget will even continue to work after initial application, helping to prevent premature recontamination and extending the lifespan of your painted surfaces.

Top tip: Avoid spraying the product directly onto your plants to prevent any damage. We recommend protecting them with paper or plastic to avoid overspray however if you do accidentally spray your plants then rinse them with water from the hose.

Treat Neglected Outdoor Surfaces

A few simple steps can take your outdoor surfaces from looking neglected to being ready for outdoor activities and gatherings when the weather improves. This spring, give your garden a new lease of life by sweeping away any loose debris, leaves and dirt and treating unwanted surface contaminants.

Not only does moss, mould, lichen and algae cause surfaces to look untidy, but they can also become a hazard when wet by causing slippery walking conditions. Remove unsightly growth on patios, paths and driveways with ease using Wet & Forget. Our gentle outdoor surface cleaning formula is free from aggressive chemicals so you don’t run the risk of causing damage to your surfaces. It can even be used to clean wooden decking and maintain artificial grass.

Wet & Forget’s 5 litre bottle makes up to 30 litres of product in total, allowing you to tackle large outdoor areas. What’s more, unlike bleach based cleaning solutions, Wet & Forget has an unlimited shelf life (even when mixed with water) so you can use the product as required throughout the year.

Decking Cleaner

Spruce up Your Garden

With fences and patio areas tackled, tidy round the rest of your garden area to really get it looking its best; get rid of any weeds that are causing your grass and flower beds to look unkempt, spruce up old plant pots that may have acquired dirt and debris and tend to moss buildup on garden furniture. Tidying up your garden doesn’t need to be costly to achieve - visit our blog post ‘How to clean up your garden on a budget’ for our top tips.

Of course, no spring clean would be complete without a good home tidy and deep clean. Once you have tackled these outdoor cleaning tasks, why not visit our blog for more of our household cleaning guides and tips?