How to Prepare Your Garden for Cold Weather

Although you might not be getting much use of your garden this season, there are a few important steps worth taking to prepare it for the cold and frosty weather ahead. Fallen leaves and spreading moss can be detrimental to your garden if left untouched, especially in wet weather conditions. Read on for our guide to preparing your garden for winter, from removing moss from your grass to supporting your garden’s wildlife.

Rake Up Fallen Leaves

Once the trees are bare, spend some time raking up any fallen leaves from your grass. This is essential in maintaining the health of your grass, whilst keeping up a neat appearance. Thick layers of leaves can block the flow of air and sunlight to your grass, prevent vital nutrients from reaching the roots and act as a habitat for garden pests.  If left to lie all winter, you might find your grass struggling come spring. Aim to rake up fallen leaves promptly, particularly if they are wet, to prevent long-lasting damage.

Fallen leaves are not only detrimental to the health of your grass, but can be hazardous when left on patios and walkways too. Spend some time giving your outdoor surfaces a thorough clean before the winter frost arrives, cleaning away leaves and removing infestations such as moss and algae.

For more tips on clearing slippery moss from your paths and walkways, visit our blog post ‘How to Easily Remove Moss From Paths’.


Look after Your Grass

Prepare your grass for winter so that next year it will be healthier and stronger. Start by removing any large weeds and patches of moss to avoid it spreading across your grass.  Often, moss appears as a result of water-logging; making it a more common issue in the wet, winter months. You may also find that moss is more prominent in shaded areas, such as beneath trees.

Tackle infestations by applying a moss killing solution, such as Wet & Forget.  Our bleach and ammonia free formula is perfect for removing moss as well as other unsightly contaminants such as mould, lichen and algae. Plus, it is quick and easy to use! For best results, we recommend applying Wet & Forget in winter when the grass is dormant. All you need to do is mix Wet & Forget with tap water and apply the solution using a garden sprayer.  Be sure to target mossy areas in particular to avoid over-spraying your grass where possible.  Simply leave the product to do the work and reapply should the moss reappear. The good news is, after the first application of Wet & Forget, any further maintenance will be easier as results will occur quicker! This means you can keep on top of contaminants with ease and keep your garden looking its best all year round.

Moss is not only an issue on grass - even artificial grass can suffer from moss infestation. Find out how Wet & Forget works as a quick and effective artificial grass cleaner, tackling moss, algae and weeds.


Support Your Garden’s Wildlife

There are many ways to make your garden wildlife-friendly this winter. Place bird feeders at different levels around your garden to provide birds and squirrels with an extra source of food as the temperature drops. Or, instead of cutting back all of your plants, why not leave a selection of herbaceous perennials? This can act as a winter habitat for insects such as ladybirds. Lastly, ensure your bird baths are clean, topped up and free from ice - try moving it to an area of your garden that gets the most sun.


Protect Outside Taps from Frosty Weather

Be sure to protect your outside taps and pipes from the cold weather. When the temperature drops in the winter months, it can cause your pipes to freeze - leading to damaging bursts and leaks.  Protect exposed outside taps from the frosty weather by covering them up throughout winter with a tap cover. This will help to prevent your pipes from freezing over and avoid any costly damage.

Our range of Wet & Forget products are specially designed to take the hard work out of cleaning. Discover more about using our products on a variety of surfaces around your home here.