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  • How to prepare your House for Halloween

    How to prepare your House for Halloween
    With Halloween fast approaching you might want to think about giving your beloved homestead a good scrub; an 'autumn clean' if you will. Whether you're having a Halloween party or are just expecting trick-or-treaters to knock on your door, it's a good excuse to break out your cleaning supplies. For...
  • Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

    Bathroom Cleaning Checklist
    Although it can sometimes feel counter-intuitive to clean a room that is meant for cleaning you but your bathroom is an ideal environment for dirt and grime to manifest. Our Bathroom Cleaning Checklist will help making the chore of cleaning a little bit easier! Grab your bottle of Wet & Forget and...
  • Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

    Kitchen Cleaning Checklist
    The kitchen is never an easy place to clean. Multiple surfaces, appliances, cupboards and too many nooks and crannies to name. Every now and then it needs a thorough clean through, and given that it is the main area for food preparation and even consumption in your house, you'd be...
  • Tips for Cleaning Your Shower

    Tips for Cleaning Your Shower
    Even though your shower is there to keep you clean, there comes a time when it can start looking a little bit grubby itself. You can always put it off, but unfortunately, you do have to give your shower a clean every now and again. To make sure that it...
  • Cleaning Your Garden in Autumn

    Cleaning Your Garden in Autumn
    Autumn is a key time of year for garden maintenance, since it is in between the warm summer months and the extreme cold that comes with the winter season. It is your last chance to get any repairs or cleaning jobs complete before an onslaught of rain, wind and eventually...

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