How to Maintain a Tennis Court

Keeping outdoor surfaces clean is one thing, but if you're responsible for maintaining a tennis court, you'll know that it can be a challenge. A well-used court will need constant maintenance to ensure the surface doesn't get too slippery for players, so it is down to you to make sure it doesn't become hazardous. On the other hand, if a court is left unattended for a long period, you will have an even bigger problem: moss and algae.

Below we have listed everything you need to think about when keeping your Tennis Court clean, including the types of debris you will need to remove prior to cleaning. The more you can maintain your Tennis Court, the less you will have to think about resurfacing it in the future.

Tools and Equipment

Of course, you will need certain tools and equipment that will vary depending on the severity of the maintenance. If your court is surrounded by trees, the likelihood is that you will find leaves covering the surface in autumn and winter. Lack of fresh air to the court can also lead to a significant growth of moss or algae on the surface.
The following items won't all be necessary for maintaining your tennis court, but they will certainly help in cleaning the surface in whatever state it's in.

Key items include:

- Long Handled Brush
- Stiff Scrubbing Brush
- Leaf Blower (if required)
- Sprayer
- Spade
- Bin Bags
- Plenty of Wet and Forget

Remember that these items are useful, but if you maintain your court once a month or more, chances are you will simply need a long-handled brush and Wet and Forget.

Remove Debris

Before you even think about cleaning the surface of your court, you need to remove any debris that might be littering it.

This can include:

- Standing Water
- Leaves
- Rubbish
- Other Debris

Remember to keep a bin bag with you at all times, especially for leaves that can be hazardous if left unattended. As much as possible you need to get rid of all debris so that the court is completely clear of trip hazards. Once you have removed any loose debris, you are free to get on with cleaning the surface properly.

Apply the Wet and Forget

If your court hasn't been cleaned in some time, you will find a large build-up of moss and algae that will not only obscure the lines of the court, but also make it dangerous to play on. Make sure to follow the instructions below in order to get your court completely clean, using Wet and Forget.

- Takes approximately 6 bottles of Wet and Forget to cover one court
- Best way to disperse the cleaner is to use a sprayer
- Mix 3 parts water with 1 part Wet and Forget before spraying on
- Once you have covered the entire court, simply leave the Wet and Forget on to do its magic

Remember that once you have cleaned your court once, the protective nature of Wet and Forget will ensure that it won't become contaminated until up to a year later. This cuts down in maintenance throughout the year, and leaves you with much more time to work on your backhand.

For more handy tips on cleaning different surfaces with wet and forget, make sure you check out the rest of our blog. On the other hand, if you would like to make an enquiry, head over to our contact page here.