Our Guide to Kitchen Cleaning - 5 Easy Steps

The kitchen is one room that can be hard to keep clean - it is often the hub of the family home, with more traffic than other rooms and a tendency for plates, cups and general clutter to gather. This can make kitchen cleaning seem like a never-ending task. That’s why we’ve put together 5 easy steps to follow to achieve a clean kitchen, ensuring that each surface is sanitised effectively.

Kitchen hob cleaning

1. Clear Worktops

Cluttered surfaces can make kitchen cleaning more difficult and time-consuming, so begin by clearing away anything that doesn’t belong on your worktops - move any dirty dishes to the sink to be cleaned and return unnecessary clutter to its rightful home. Once surfaces are tidied, you can work your way round the perimeter of the room without any obstacles - allowing you to sanitise each area of your kitchen more efficiently!

A helpful way to reduce kitchen clutter building up is by taking the ‘little and often’ approach. By taking some time each day to put things back in their place, you’re sure to save yourself some time when it next comes to giving your kitchen a thorough clean.  For some more of our time-saving tips, check out our blog post ‘6 simple tips to make house cleaning quick and easy’.

2. Sanitise Kitchen Surfaces

When it comes to sanitising kitchen surfaces, key to the job is having the right product. An ineffective cleaner is only going to make the task more difficult, not to mention leaving unwanted contaminants to buildup and spread. Wet & Forget Indoor’s multi-surface formula not only saves you time and effort when it comes to cleaning, but it contains sanitising and deodorising properties to effectively kill and neutralise odour causing bacteria.

Tackle kitchen surfaces by starting at the top and working your way down; that way you’re sure to clean up anything that lands on lower surfaces. To kill off bacteria, spray your countertops with Wet & Forget Indoor Cleaner - leaving it for up to 10 minutes before going in with a clean cloth to wipe the product away. In one easy step, Wet & Forget’s simple formula effectively kills salmonella and other unwanted contaminants without leaving behind harsh or irritating fumes.

3. Clean Appliances

Next, spend some time focusing on your kitchen appliances. Wipe down the exterior of your toaster, kettle and other small kitchen appliances, paying particular attention to handles and switches. Small appliances that are frequently used can act as a potential route for germ transmission if not properly sanitised regularly, so be sure to use a sanitising cleaner to tackle the job effectively. Wet & Forget Indoor is completely free from bleach, making it suitable for a variety of surfaces around your home - including kitchen fixtures and appliances.

4. Clean and Disinfect the Kitchen Sink

Once any dishes that were transferred to the sink have been washed and tidied away, be sure to clean and disinfect the sink itself.  Naturally, your kitchen sink is prone to buildup of food and grime which, coupled with the damp environment of your kitchen, can soon cause your kitchen sink to become one of the dirtiest places in the home. Prevent bacteria and germ growth by spraying your kitchen sink and tap area with Wet & Forget Indoor. The sanitising solution is designed to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses as well as mould and mildew, all without the need for laborious scrubbing. Simply wipe the surfaces dry and rest assured that your sink is safely disinfected.

Don’t forget to clean your dish cloths regularly too - especially if you are using them to clean your sink! Dirty cloths and sponges will only add to bacteria contamination. To avoid spreading germs, wash your cloths regularly in the washing machine.

Sink cleaning

5. Wipe down Bins with a Disinfectant

When was the last time you cleaned your kitchen bin? While the bin liner may be replaced regularly, it can be easy to forget to clean the bin itself - allowing for all sorts of grime and bacteria to build up.  To prevent your kitchen bin from becoming a hotspot for unwanted bacteria, empty, clean and disinfect your bin regularly. Kill off lingering contaminants by wiping down the interior and exterior of your kitchen bin with a disinfecting surface cleaner such as Wet & Forget Indoor - not only will this make your kitchen overall more hygienic, but it will also banish unwanted odours.

At Wet & Forget, all our products are non-caustic and contain no bleach or other aggressive chemicals, so you can clean safely and happily knowing you won’t cause damage to your surfaces. Visit our online shop to browse our full range of indoor and outdoor multi-surface cleaning solutions.