Keeping Astroturf Clean

Having a surface made of synthetic grass or AstroTurf will certainly reduce the time made performing maintenance
compared to having traditional turf, but it doesn't mean there is nothing to do. If you're responsible for looking after a whole pitch, you will know first-hand that with constant use they can become dirty and in some instances, damaged from overuse. On the flip side, AstroTurf left unattended can accumulate dirt and debris easily, needing significant cleaning to get it back to its best.

To keep your AstroTurf pitch as clean as possible, it's best to use a cleaner that will be able to eradicate pests such as moss and mildew easily. Wet and Forget is the perfect solution for keeping an artificial pitch clean, and is responsible for cleaning facilities at universities, colleges, Sixth Form colleges and even a Premiership Football clubs.

Have a look below at everything you may need to keep AstroTurf clean, including advice on cleaning a pitch that has been left unattended for a while.

Tools and Equipment

Depending on the state of your artificial pitch, you might need to do significant work to get it back to its best or just do some simple maintenance. The location of your pitch will be a major factor in cleaning, as proximity to deciduous trees will result in a lot of leaves on the pitch that will need clearing up.

The following pieces of equipment might help to clear larger debris and leaves if your artificial pitch has fallen into disarray:
  • Long Handled Brush
  • Leaf Blower (if required)
  • Bin Bags
  • Sprayer
  • Plenty of Wet and Forget
  • Remove Debris
Prior to applying any cleaning products to the surface of the Astroturf, it's advisable to remove any debris or leaves that might be cluttering up your pitch. These can include:
  • Standing Water
  • Leaves
  • Rubbish
  • Other Debris

The biggest problem will be leaves, but you can easily remove them by hand by keeping a bin bag with you. Also, many hands make light work, so try and call in a few favours to make the job a bit quicker. Once you have cleared the surface completely, you can get on with applying the Wet and Forget.

Apply the Wet and Forget

The most common pests you can tackle with Wet and Forget are moss and mildew, but they generally build up if you haven't used the artificial pitch for a while. Unless they are dealt with using a cleaner, they make the pitch dangerous to play on, so it's imperative that they are removed prior to using the pitch again. Try using the following points as a guide:

  • Firstly wet the surface so that the top 2 of artificial grass is soaked
  • Use 4 x 5l of commercial grade Wet and Forget
  • Best way to disperse the cleaner is to use a sprayer
  • Mix 3 parts water with 1 part Wet and Forget before spraying on
  • For cases where black fungi is present, lave for 2-4 weeks before using again

Thankfully, once you have cleaned your pitch once, the protective qualities of Wet and Forget means that it won't become contaminated until up to a year later. This cuts down maintenance time dramatically, and ensures that you can finally get around to using your Astroturf for football, hockey and other outdoor team sports.

If you require any more advice about cleaning Astroturf or how to use Wet and Forget effectively, have a read of the rest of our blog, or get in touch with us for any more advice.