How to Wash Windows Properly

Cleaning your windows properly doesn’t have to be a chore. Here we share how to wash windows the right way alongside some common window washing mistakes. Find how to avoid these common mistakes so that you can enjoy the benefits of streak-free, sparkling windows.

Don’t - clean on sunny days

You may be thinking a hot, sunny day is the perfect time to clean your windows, after all, no one wants to clean their windows in the rain. However, the sun could be the reason that your windows take on a streaky appearance afterwards! On hot days the sun will dry cleaning products quickly and may leave streaks before you can wipe it off.

Do - clean on dry cloudy days

Dry, non-hot days are the optimum conditions for cleaning windows. While washing windows in the sun has drawbacks, cleaning windows in the rain also won’t do you many favours. Washing windows in the rain can prevent cleaning products from being absorbed meaning that the windows won’t be as clean as if you had completed the task on a dry day. Not to mention that it can create slippy, dangerous conditions particularly if you’re using a ladder to reach second-floor windows.

Dry, cooler days will prevent those annoying streaks from occurring which means that you can get out and enjoy those rare hot, sunny days in the UK!


Don’t - use hot soapy water

While washing your windows with hot soapy water certainly won’t do any damage, it can be tougher to remove any dirt build-up. Not to mention that too much soap can create those dreaded streaks. A specially formulated glass cleaner can do much more of the work with much less effort on your part!

Do - use a specially formulated window cleaner

Using a specially formulated cleaner will not only save you effort but it can also keep your windows cleaner for longer. We know how tedious cleaning windows can be which is why we developed Wet & Forget Window - a formula which has been specially designed to take the hard work out of cleaning. It’s been developed and perfected over the course of 35 years to allow water to sheet off the window and prevent water spotting.


Don’t - do dangerous manoeuvres to reach difficult heights

If you’re cleaning windows on a building with multiple storeys it goes without saying that safety should come first! If you’re using ladders to reach higher heights then be sure to have someone steadying the bottom.

Do - use the proper equipment

The easiest way to be safe when cleaning windows is to make sure that you have the proper equipment. Investing in equipment and specialist products that can reach those areas with ease while your feet are firmly planted on the ground can take away any of the danger that comes with working at height.

Wet & Forget Window has a specially developed Sniper Nozzle that can give an eight-metre reach - two storeys high! This makes it perfect for cleaning second-floor windows and conservatory roofs.


Don’t - forget to do the inside!

If you’re left wondering why your windows still look dirty after a thorough outside clean it’s likely because you’ve forgotten to do the other side! Cleaning both sides will leave you with gleaming windows that you can see clearly out of - no more dirt to clog up your view.

Do - remember to do both inside and outside

If cleaning both indoors and outdoors seems a mammoth task to get done in one day, split it up - do the outside one day and then indoors another day. If the weather isn’t favourable for doing the outside of your windows start with the inside and then tackle the outside when the weather is appropriate.


Don’t - wipe with a sponge

Wiping with a sponge sometimes won’t give you that streak-free gleam you’re looking for. Usually, sponges will only move the applied product across the windows leaving those telltale streak marks.

Do - wipe with a microfibre cloth

Reusable microfibre cloths work best for that streak-free shine as they are super absorbent and washable. Our microfibre extension pole reaches between 1.5m to 4.5m giving you extra reach to gently dry and remove grime from windows and conservatory glass.

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