How to easily remove damaging and unsightly moss from around your home

We've all heard that old saying: 'a rolling stone gathers no moss'. While this is true, it's equally valid to say that less mobile outdoor surfaces do often fall victim to this problem. Here at Wet & Forget, we appreciate that it's an annoying situation for many home owners, such accumulations being both unsightly and often damaging to their property.

Although they can seem like a single carpet on any surface, moss is actually an accumulation of individual plants, typically leaves that are only a single cell in thickness. These plants don't contain seeds but do develop spores, which explains why they seem to spread both densely and swiftly.

So, why do these plants cause problems to homeowners, from infesting a lawn to growing on paths or driveways, on roofs, around tiles, and in guttering? Well, we're happy to admit that we're not gardening experts, but we do know it removes that unsightly moss and help provide sumptuous lawns! Around and across buildings, where drainage takes place, there's usually an accumulation of water, making such areas an attractive environment for moss to thrive.

Thankfully, our terrific Wet & Forget Mould, Algae, Lichen and Moss Removal & Killer has developed a superb track record in tackling such problems. One key reason why so many of our customers tell us that they like this product is that it avoids causing damage to the actual surface when used. Alternative cleaning methods, such as scrubbing and scouring, even blasting through the use of a pressure washer, can easily cause other problems in an attempt to solve the original one of moss removal!

A second welcome benefit, apart from the limited amount of effort needed to deal with the problem, is that no special equipment is needed to apply the solution - a standard garden sprayer will easily be up to the task. Of course, this makes it easier to clean those more awkward areas than having to get intimately close to them - not forgetting those scraped knuckles and the like from time-consuming scrubbing, scraping and scouring!

Our customers already use this terrific product on their patios and roofs, tarmac driveways, and even the occasional tennis court. It also, because it is not bleach based, benefits from an unlimited shelf life. So, keep it ready to treat that pesky moss should it threaten to return and re-invade any liberated territory around your home. However, one further piece of good news with this super Wet & Forget product is that, on porous surfaces, some of the ingredient actually remains active after use to prevent immediate re-contamination.

It's almost like having your own anti-moss special agent standing guard over your property! OK, maybe that's stretching a point, but if you're looking for a terrific, proven, and simple to use product to remove that annoying and damaging moss from your property, then simply click here for more information.