How to Remove Moss from Garden Furniture

Moss and algae can make any garden look unsightly and unkempt. Infestations can crop up in a number of sneaky places including your garden furniture. Here we share why they grow on garden furniture in the first place and how you can tackle the problem to prevent them from returning.

Why does moss grow on garden furniture?

As plants go, moss doesn’t have thick roots which means that it doesn’t require soil to grow - all it needs is moist conditions for it to thrive. Its shallow roots allow it to cling to other surfaces like rocks, tree trunks - and your garden furniture. So, with the UK’s temperamental weather and sudden downpours, it’s no surprise that moss infestations can crop up on your garden furniture!

How to remove moss from outdoor garden furniture

Although we can’t do anything about the wet weather, we can help you get rid of moss and algae infestations for good! First, be sure to have the right tools for the job. Ordinary bleach cleaners can damage and bleach out wood, not to mention they contain a host of other nasty and harmful chemicals.

Wet & Forget on the other hand, eliminates harsh methods as it doesn’t contain bleach. It also has the same pH as UK tap water, meaning that it won’t damage your garden furniture.

Using Wet & Forget as a garden furniture cleaner is easy! Simply mix one part Wet & Forget with five parts of water in a garden sprayer. Spray the moss and algae with the mixture on a day when you’re not planning on using the furniture and that’s it! Wet & Forget’s clever spray and walk away formula does all the work so you don’t need to.

How to prevent moss from coming back

Wet & Forget is the preferred choice for many for cleaning patio furniture as it can keep moss and algae infestations at bay for up to a whole year! It acts as a moss and algae killer by breaking down the contaminants present in both moss and algae.

Unlike many standard cleaners Wet & Forget contains ingredients that remain active over a long period of time after initial application to target any potential recontamination.

After the first application of Wet & Forget further maintenance will be much easier allowing you to stay on top of contaminants with ease and keep your garden looking fresh and tidy all year round! Are you keen to get started? Shop our Wet & Forget outdoor range.

Did you know that Wet & Forget can be used to remove moss on more than just your garden furniture? It has a number of applications such as moss removal from roofs including thatched roofs, garden grass, decking and slabs. For larger area coverage check out our Wet & Forget Rapid! It's handy sniper nozzle easily clicks onto your hosepipe and allows you to spray large areas with ease.

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