How to clean up your garden on a budget

We’d all like our garden to look its best (particularly during summer!) but the trouble is that this can be costly to achieve. While we’d love to deck our gardens up with the very best sheds, patios and exotic looking plants this can crank up the cost. So, does this mean we’re doomed to gloomy, lifeless gardens? Not necessarily! Here we share some easy tips and tricks on how you can spruce up your garden on a budget.

1) Paint your shed

If you have a garden shed that’s looking a bit weathered and old try giving it new life with a lick of fresh paint! This will save you a whole lot of money rather than upgrading to a new shed entirely. Treating your shed to a new coat of paint can make your old tattered shed look brand new. Be sure to use specialised outdoor wood paint that is chemically treated to survive the elements and won’t damage the wood.

2) Clean your patio

Unsightly moss and algae can make even the most beautiful garden look a little messy! What’s more, a build up of moss can make patio areas slippery making falls more likely. All patios are susceptible to moss and algae growth whether you’ve got slabs, concrete or decking. The good news is we have the perfect solution to help you out.

Our bleach-free Wet & Forget formula makes the perfect patio cleaner and, with no harmful chemicals, our friendly moss and algae remover won’t damage your patio surfaces. What’s more, Wet & Forget has a PH of 8 which is within the neutral range of UK tap water which is between 6.5 and 9.5. This means that it can be applied to any outdoor surface!

Wet & Forget gives you value for your money as it has an unlimited shelf life even when mixed with water and can be used on multiple surfaces to remove unsightly pests like moss, mould and algae. For more tips and tricks on how to rid your patio of moss, mould and other pests check out our Patio Cleaning Using Wet & Forget blog. 

3) Get rid of weeds

Weeds can make any garden look a little tatty and unsightly, so get stuck in to get them under control! Weeds can survive for years dormant in the soil until the perfect growth conditions arise. Young weeds are much easier to tackle than older weeds so regular maintenance will help to keep your garden looking fresh. One of the great things about weeding is that it doesn’t need to cost you a penny! Just a little hard work and time is all that’s needed to help spruce up your green space.

Weeding can easily become time-consuming - especially if you have a particularly dense weed infestation on your hands! So try breaking up the task into smaller manageable chunks whenever you have a spare half hour. Once you’ve tackled the visible weeds, pulling them out from the root where you can, layering mulch along with a thick layer of bark clippings can help to prevent them from growing back. This will also help to retain moisture in the soil so that any plants you do have will thrive.

4) Spruce up old plant pots

Plant pots can acquire plenty of dirt and debris over the years, particularly if they are exposed to the weather elements. Giving your plant pots a good scrub with some warm, soapy water should do the trick to help remove dirt. If they still look a little lifeless after doing this a lick of paint can make old plant pots look new again. Take the opportunity to be as creative as you like and experiment with using different colours and patterns.

5) Clean up garden furniture

Garden furniture is another accessory that can easily be spruced up on a budget. Did you know that Wet & Forget can be used on more than just your patio? Our versatile products can be used on your garden furniture too! With no chemical nasties our friendly products won’t damage your garden furniture either. Find out what other surfaces you can use Wet & Forget on here!