How to Get Your Garden Summer-Ready

Our gardens can become sadly neglected during the cold, winter months however, with summer just around the corner, now is the time to give your garden a much-needed lift! Let's get rid of the leaves in the gutters and give your plant displays a little TLC to get your garden ready to enjoy during the warmer weather.

Distribute fertilisers

Lack of rain combined with summer heat can leave your outdoor plants looking lacklustre so be sure to tend to them with fertiliser during these warmer months. It’s important to look after your plant’s nutritional needs accordingly.

Generally, your garden needs nitrogen, potassium, and phosphate - all of which are usually found within a high-quality fertiliser. Nitrogen helps to give your garden a healthy green colour by helping to stimulate leaf growth. Potassium helps to ward off disease and drought by building up immunity. Finally, phosphate helps to support strong roots and support seeds as they enter the soil.

While it can be tempting, be sure not to overdo it with the fertiliser! Too much fertiliser can burn plants in dry weather and can make them more susceptible to drought. If you have a large area of garden to cover be sure to distribute fertiliser evenly. Often it is better to use a sprayer, like our Thrust One 5 Litre Sprayer, that is specially designed to distribute fertiliser and other protective liquids easily and evenly.

Remove moss from grass and paths

Moss is a common garden pest that can grow on even the most maintained grass. If left untreated moss can easily make any garden look unkempt - not what we want during those lovely summer months!

Similarly, it can accumulate in a number of other areas in your garden such as paths, between paving slabs, in shady areas or on fences and tree trunks. Mosses prefer to grow in shady areas usually surrounded by other greenery. While they are completely harmless they can make for an unsightly addition to your garden!

The good news is that moss removal has never been easier. Wherever the moss is growing in your garden Wet & Forget outdoor products can help to remove it. Simply apply our hassle-free formula and let Wet & Forget do the work. Wet & Forget is completely free from harsh chemicals that might damage surfaces which means it can be used across a variety of surfaces. Learn more about how to remove moss from paths here.

Remove leaves from gutters and pathways

After autumn and winter, it’s natural to find that fallen leaves have made their way into your garden. Dead leaves in the garden can definitely make it less appealing and less enjoyable during summer! Often you’ll find that leaves will collect themselves in gutters and on pathways.

If they aren’t removed from these areas they can eventually lead to bigger issues than just looking unkempt. If leaves are lodged in your gutter it can create blockages, drainage issues and even lead to burst pipes if they are not taken care of. Similarly, if leaves are collecting on your paths they can create slippery walking conditions if they are left to become damp by the rain.

Tackling the issue is simple - just grab your brush and start sweeping! Collect all the fallen leaves into a pile and deposit them into a compost bin. Take the appropriate safety precautions when removing leaves from gutters and drains. Ensure that you have a secure ladder, bucket (to collect the leaves), and scoop or garden trowel to remove them.

Alternatively, you can source a proper gutter cleaning tool that will allow you to remove the leaves and debris from the safety of the ground. Another option is to source the task out to a professional who will do the job for you.

Clean garden furniture

It’s likely that you haven’t used your garden furniture for some time now - perhaps it is sitting in your garden shed collecting dust and spiders? If you haven’t used your garden furniture for several months don’t be surprised if they need a little cleaning to get them looking good as new again.

Moss can grow on your garden furniture during winter making it unappealing for use. However, before you throw in the towel and give up hope, it’s likely that your garden furniture can easily be salvaged.

Avoid reaching for bleach-based cleaners for your garden furniture. The harsh chemicals can bleach out wood and cause damage. Not to mention they often come with harmful fumes. Try tackling the problem with a gentler option that won’t result in damage. Whether your garden furniture is covered in dust, debris, moss, or mould Wet & Forget can help you tackle the problem.

Mix up the solution and apply Wet & Forget to the areas that need it. Try to do this on a dry day where there is no rain forecast. This will allow Wet & Forget time to work and kill off any mould or moss.

For soft furnishings e.g. lounge chair cushions, be sure to give them a wipe down before use. Remove coverings if they are contaminated with mould check the washing instructions and pop in the washing machine (if applicable). Top tip: for severe contaminations try using a scrubbing brush to dislodge some of the mould before washing.

Wet & Forget Indoor can be used on a variety of indoor surfaces and can even tackle mouldy outdoor furniture too. It will not only clear the mould and mildew but its sanitising action helps to banish up to 99.99% of germs and bacteria. Find out more about using Wet & Forget Indoor here.