Why You Should Clean Your House More During Winter

As the cold weather approaches and the daylight hours draw in, many of us will find ourselves spending more time in our homes. While spring is often the go-to season when it comes to tackling house cleaning and decluttering, winter cleaning is just as important. Here we share some of the key areas to focus your cleaning efforts on this winter, so that you can make the most of your time spent cosied up indoors.

So, what makes cleaning your home during winter so important? A drop in temperature means more of us will be opting to put on our central heating and keep windows closed.  This can create a breeding ground for bugs, germs and dust mites. Not only that, poor ventilation can lead to mould and damp - particularly in areas such as the kitchen and bathroom where moisture is more common. However, there are ways to prevent your home from becoming a resting place for germs and preventing the buildup of mould, damp and dust.

Stay On Top of Condensation

Condensation is one of the most common issues during colder months, and can lead to damp and mould within your home. Condensation occurs when warm air collides with a cool surface, making it particularly prevalent in the colder winter months. Alongside the use of central heating, everyday activities such as cooking and showering can cause warm air to circulate your home, leading to condensation on windows, ceilings and walls. To beat condensation, keep your home well-ventilated by opening the window for a short period of team each day. Regularly ventilating your home allows in high quality, fresh air, minimising the buildup of germs and indoor contaminants.

When cleaning household surfaces, opt for a sanitising cleaner such as Wet & Forget Indoor. The ready-to-use formula is completely free from bleach and harsh fumes, making it suitable for tackling mould and mildew in areas around the home. Plus, it is quick and easy to use - simply spray the product onto the affected areas and wipe away.

Clean Your Windows

Winter tends to be the time of year that windows become their dirtiest, making it an important area to keep on top of. After all, you want to allow in as much of the reduced daylight as possible. Keep your home feeling bright and airy during the winter months by removing dirt and grime from windows using an exterior glass cleaning solution. Wet & Forget Window leaves windows sparkling clean, using a unique formula that dissolves grime and prevents water spotting.

Discover our guide to washing your windows properly for our tips on picking the right weather conditions, using the right equipment and achieving a streak-free shine that lasts.

Clean Your Bathroom More Regularly

You may find your bathroom requires some extra attention in the winter months. A drop in temperature means long, hot baths and showers are on the rise. While there is nothing more relaxing than soaking in a hot bath to escape the cold, it does mean that (alongside condensation) your bathroom is likely to suffer from grime buildup. Wet & Forget Shower dissolves soap scum, body oils and grime as well as removing mould and mildew stains. Spray your shower or bath area once a week and let Wet & Forget do the work - all you need to do is wash away the product before your next use.

Clear Away Clutter

As well as creating a more inviting environment, clearing your home of excess clutter makes it easier to keep on top of regular cleaning tasks.  Coupled with becoming a prime spot for dust and allergens to gather, clutter within the home can also contribute to poor ventilation; leading to unsightly mould buildup. Once you have a clear space to work on, clean and disinfect your surfaces using a dedicated indoor cleaner. Wet & Forget’s cleaning solution is proven to kill mould and mildew as well as bacteria and viruses. Be sure to dry your surfaces thoroughly after cleaning as remaining dampness can allow germs to survive or even multiply!

Ensuring your home is clean as the cold weather sets in will help to keep dreaded germs and bugs at bay, as well as letting you make the most of your time spent indoors.  For more winter cleaning tips, visit our blog post 'how to rid your home of winter allergens'.