How to Clean Your Patio Without a Pressure Washer

When it comes to cleaning patio slabs many of us reach for a pressure washer, however, pressure washers can damage your patio causing more harm than good! Here at Wet & Forget we understand the importance of cleaning without using harsh or abrasive methods. Find out why you shouldn’t use a pressure washer to clean your patio as well as our favourite non-harmful patio cleaning methods.

Why You Shouldnt Use a Pressure Washer on Your Patio

Many of us think the best method to clean our patios is to blast the dirt away with the intensive force of a pressure washer. While this may seem like the simplest option, you’re actually causing more harm than good! Pressure washing your patio can cause significant damage to the integrity of the paving slabs.

It can cause surface degradation, marks, pitting, and damage to the joint sand between each paving slab. This damage can often be the result of using a higher pressure than necessary to clean. The reality is that you don’t need brute force to be able to clean your patio effectively, here is a gentler alternative.

Simple Steps to Clean Your Patio Easily

So, how do you clean your patio easily and effectively without a pressure washer? Once you’ve found the perfect dry day, follow our simple steps below so that you can easily and quickly clean your patio without causing damage to surfaces.


Weeds are one of the most common garden pests we get in the UK. Sometimes it can feel like a continual battle - finally, you’ve managed to banish all the weeds from your garden then along comes a little bit of rain and several more have sprouted up in their place! However, it’s important to get rid of the weeds before you attempt to clean your patio. If your patio is plagued by weeds it can make your cleaning less effective and will mean that you’ll need to clean your patio more often.

There are a number of effective ways to remove garden pests like weeds. If you opt for using a weed killer be sure to protect your surrounding plants by using a targeted garden sprayer to help you control distribution.

Sweep Away Debris

It goes without saying that you should make sure that your patio is free from clutter before you start cleaning! Move pots, bikes, garden furniture and other items off of your patio to allow you space to properly clean the area.

Debris, leaves, dust and more can be blown onto your patio by windy or rainy weather. If you start cleaning with all this debris lying on your patio you’ll wind up simply moving the dirt from one end of the patio to the other. Dry debris is much easier to sweep away than debris that has been made damp by cleaning - so be sure to sweep your patio first and then clean.

Apply Wet & Forget

If you’re already a fan of our products, then you’ll know that Wet & Forget has a variety of purposes from cleaning your driveway to removing moss from garden furniture. Wet & Forget Outdoor products can also serve as an effective slab cleaner. All of our products are completely free from harmful and aggressive chemicals and can be applied in a way that won’t cause damage to your patio.

How to Use Wet & Forget to Clean Your Patio

  • Mix 5 parts water to 1 part Wet & Forget original. Be sure that you clean your patio on a dry day to prevent Wet & Forget from being washed away by rain. Apply Wet & Forget to your patio using a garden sprayer (or one of our Thrust One Sprayers).
  • Alternatively, if you have a larger patio, try using our Wet & Forget Rapid With Sniper Nozzle. Wet & Forget Rapid is a fast and convenient way to clean larger patio areas. Rapid clicks onto your hosepipe and automatically mixes with water making application swift and easy.
  • Sit back and let Wet & Forget clean the grime, algae and moss away.

Patio Cleaner

Looking After Your Patio Year-Round

To keep your patio in excellent condition, you need to look after it all year round. While it’s not practical to keep your patio free from snow and frost, be sure to check for cracks and winter damage after a bad weather spell. If cracked concrete is left to its own devices water can seep into the holes resulting in weeds and even more damage. Try to repair these cracks as soon as you spot them to help prevent further damage and keep your patio in great condition.

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