5 Surpising Benefits of Cleaning

Washing dishes, doing laundry, cleaning the windows, scrubbing the bathroom - it seems like the list of cleaning chores never ends! However, contrary to popular opinion, cleaning doesn’t need to be a bad thing! In fact, cleaning can even have surprising benefits for your health and wellbeing. So, before you put off cleaning the windows for yet another week, check out these 5 surprising benefits of house cleaning.


1) Reduced stress

Did you know that cleaning can help to reduce your stress levels? A study published in the Mindfulness journal found that the act of cleaning can help to reduce nervousness by up to 27%. Tackling cleaning with a mindful approach can act as a great stress reliever and can help you feel more relaxed after you’ve finished.

2) Keeps you organised

If you live in a cluttered, messy house it can be frustrating to find things when you need them. Maintaining a neat and tidy house makes it easier to locate items and helps to keep you organised. While we’d all like to live in a clutter-free home, sometimes this goal feels very difficult to achieve.

That being said, there are some simple steps you can take to make house cleaning quick and easy. For example, if tackling the whole house at once seems hopeless and daunting try cleaning little and often, even 5 minutes of tidying before you leave the house can make a big difference

3) Less likely to catch a cold

Keeping your home clean helps to minimise your exposure to germs, dust and other allergens. While no one expects your home to be completely sterile, cleaning regularly will help to prevent the likelihood of getting sick through exposure to germs.

Cold and flu viruses can survive on surfaces from anywhere between a few hours to a few days. Simple steps such as ventilating your home regularly and disinfecting cleaning sponges can help to keep your home germ-free and reduce the likelihood of catching a cold.

4 ) Increases happiness

While cleaning may not be our favourite activity to do, it can actually contribute to making us happier. One study found that coming home to a messy house can result in an increase in a depressive mood over the course of the day.

What’s more, research found that the more people clean, the happier they are. The same research discovered that simply by being in a clean space individuals were 80% more relaxed and 72% more productive.

5) You’ll be more active

Depending on the activity, cleaning can also serve as a form of exercise. Scrubbing floors, running up and downstairs, hoovering, taking items from one room to another can all burn calories. While cleaning your house may not burn as many calories as a full-on workout at the gym, it can help to keep you active and moving.

What’s more, cleaning in an energised way like this can even release those feel-good endorphin hormones that occur naturally during exercise. You can even incorporate some of the exercises that you do at the gym into your regular cleaning routine. Why not try alternate lunges whilst hoovering? 

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