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I have been using this product for six weeks and I have had no need to scrub the shower with any sponge. It always looks and smells clean plus it lasts a long time. Just spray it on once a week. Every other bathroom product looks good until the next day, this one keeps your shower looking clean all week. This is a very good product.

Simon Hughes
Ash Vale 

I can not recommend “Wet & Forget” too highly and I know of no other product that can touch it. If you have the problem of persistent algae then this is absolutely the answer!  

Thank you “Wet & Forget” for helping me enjoy my garden all year long! 

Dot Lines

Following years of green mould/algae problems with my fencing and increased water bills with the excessive use of power washers I decided to give 'Wet & Forget' a try.

What can I say. It's truly a miracle in liquid form.

I couldn't believe that you just applied it and left it (outstanding results are never that easy) but you do and it works.

It only took 3 days!!

Take it from me. It's worth its weight in gold.

"I thought you might like to see the before and a-few-hours-later photos of my water feature. Tremendous!"

water feature before Wet and Forget

water feature after Wet and Forget

Fence before Wet and Forget

Fence after Wet and Forget





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Using Wet and Forget to clean your outdoor surfaces will AVOID the need to use pressure washing or harsh chemicals.

Wet and Forget is biodegradable, contains no bleach, is non caustic and non acidic. Once applied, the wind and the rain will interact with our ingredients to leave your outdoor surfaces looking like new.

A Safe Product For All External Applications

Wet & Forget is non caustic, non acidic and contains no bleach!

The product we use has a pH of 8. Tap water is 7!

Waterblasting has been a common method of removing grime & growth but it is very aggressive and abrasive to surfaces - It can lift paint, scour timber and lift the fine sand and cement out of concrete. Plus it does not kill the growth - so even as you are waterblasting, the growth spore is busily re-establishing itself.

Then there are aggressive chemicals like bleach, caustic soda and acid based products which have the same effect as waterblasting.

Thankfully Wet and Forget does none of the above and is totally safe to use on all outdoor surfaces.

Commercial Application

We can provide a commercial application service for companies who need all types of surfaces cleaned. We can arrange the man power to provide the commercial sized moss, lichen and lagae removal services you need.

Domestic Application

We also provide a domestic application service for homeowners who need help with making their house look as good as new. What ever the building size, contact us for more information.


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